Transit delays suck. A signal issue or a stalled streetcar is all it takes to throw a wrench in your day, and you have zero control over when and where these things will happen. Thankfully, most of the time, Toronto commuters are pretty understanding about TTC delays. Frustrated, but not to the point of a meltdown. Unless it’s boiling outside and there's no air conditioning.

Lack of air conditioning on TTC vehicles has long been an issue for the TTC. There is truly nothing worse than getting onto a packed subway train during rush hour only to realize that you’ve stepped onto a giant metal tube without AC.

With Toronto in the grip of a heatwave, there's no shortage of these complaints from the city's transit riders. Here are just a few of the most recent examples:

According to TTC communications specialist Stuart Green, overcrowing and sweltering outdoor temperatures can "compromise" the efficiency of the HVAC systems on trains, buses and streetcars.

“As we all know, it'll be steamy out there today. All our vehicles, with the exception of legacy streetcars, have HVAC systems that should be working. Please keep in mind, though, that with vehicles at capacity and doors opening frequently, the efficiency gets compromised,” Green tweeted out this Friday.

Green continued to say that if commuters notice that an HVAC system is not working correctly, they should reach out to TTC officials. Which many people have done already, many times as we can see.

The lack of air conditioning became even more of an issue on Thursday afternoon when track maintenance and power outages led to extensive subway delays.

It’s nightmare commutes like these that really make you wish you could just stay home until the heatwave is over.