TTC Investigates Video Of Bus Driver Playing On His Phone Behind The Wheel (VIDEO)

The video was recorded on the 75 Sherbourne bus.
TTC Driver Playing Games On His Phone Is Being Investigated After A Video Was Released

A video that appears to show a TTC driver playing games on his phone is gaining traction after it was posted on YouTube on Wednesday. The incident, which reportedly happened on the 75 Sherbourne bus, is now being investigated. It is still unclear if the driver will be facing any charges. 

In a video that was posted on Youtube, it shows what looks like a TTC driver glancing down at his phone as he is behind the wheel of one of the city buses. It looks as if the bus isn't moving during the time in which the video was taken. 

Narcity reached out to the passenger, Cory Zirk, to hear his account of what happened. "I was waiting for the bus at Sherbourne and Front and the driver almost missed me at my stop. I’m guessing because he was too busy playing his game I’m not sure," he claimed over the phone."I ended up getting on the bus, but one stop later, I looked forward and saw that he was looking down," Zirk told Narcity."I saw colours flashing on the screen. That’s when I pulled my cellphone out and started filming him playing his game while operating the bus.""I opted to not engage with him. I contacted TTC as soon as I got off the bus and sent them the video," Zirk said.

Narcity also reached out to the TTC, who revealed that they were looking into the situation. "We are aware and are looking into it. We will be taking appropriate action," Senior Communications Specialist Stuart Green revealed in an email.

"Our expectation is that operators drive safely and follow the rules of the road at all times." So far, there is no word on if there will be any consequences.

According to Ontario's website, consequences for a first time distracted driving conviction can mean 3 demerit points and between $615 to $1,000 dollars in fines. A second offence will leave you with six demerit points and between $615 and $2,000 in fines.