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A Fire On The TTC Forced Commuters To Evacuate Through The Tunnels This Morning (PHOTOS)

Massive delays caused huge crowds on the platforms.

The TTC was experiencing some major delays on Monday morning, December 2, after a fire broke out at Dundas West station. Passengers were forced to evacuate through the tunnels and service on the line was cancelled, which resulted in massive lineups for shuttle buses as fire services attempted to get the flames under control. The incident caused some extra havoc this morning, and many were left to deal with a disastrous commute. There were reports of a fire in the tunnel at Dundas West at around 7 a.m. this morning, according to 680 News. Smoke was coming out of the tunnel, which prompted crews to investigate.It was then reported that a wooden cover board came into contact with the rail, which is what sparked the fire. The flames were about 50 feet from the westbound platform in the Dundas West track. It ended up causing a train evacuation, and one passenger filmed the journey through the tunnels in the Monday morning commute. The worst part is that the fire broke out in the middle of rush hour, which caused huge lines as commuters attempted to board shuttle buses in the area. Of course, people took to Twitter on Monday morning to showcase the massive lines that were produced due to this unexpected incident. 

That is not an average Monday morning commute! Even for the TTC, this is a pretty rare disaster scene. 

TTC Service Alerts made commuters aware of the issue by tweeting out, "Line 2 Bloor-Danforth: No service between Keele and Ossington due to a fire. Shuttle buses are running."

The suspension spanned from Keele station to Ossington, and other trains on line two were affected as well. One user even tweeted that the wait time to board a shuttle bus was an estimated 2-3 hours, "Subway suspension from Keele to Ossington. Apparently a 2-3 hour wait to get onto shuttle buses. Aii i'mma head out."

While the TTC states that the fire has been extinguished and train services are resumed, commuters may still experience delays. 

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