As many popular attractions shut down and some employers are encouraging Torontonians to work from home, the usually bustling TTC is looking like a ghost town. While TTC services are still running in the GTA, many commuters are posting the nearly empty trains on social media throughout Monday's commute. However, it seems that the transit company isn't alone, as GO Transit also announced it was facing empty trains throughout the day. 

Photos of empty buses, trains and streetcars took over social media on Monday as some commuters found themselves on emptier than normal vehicles. 

While it is normal for the TTC to experience less ridership during March Break, TTC spokesperson Stuart Green told Narcity that the numbers are lower than previous years. 

"We typically experience reduced ridership during March Break, but today was lower than normal for obvious reasons," Green told Narcity. 

Despite the empty cars that commuters may be facing, Green ensured Narcity that trains will still be running as normal. 

"We will be monitoring ridership daily, but we have no plans to reduce service even with reduced volumes."

"The TTC is an essential way for a lot of people to get around this city and we will continue to provide service to them as best we can."

However, it wasn't just the TTC that looked like a ghost town this morning. Metrolinx also posted some photos of their empty trains during Monday's commute, stating, "As our customers noted this morning, we continue to see reductions in ridership; we'll continue to monitor the levels and adjust as needed to alleviate any potential crowding."

Senior Media Manager, Anne Marie Aikins told Narcity that since the coronavirus pandemic, Metrolinx has seen ridership reduce by as much as 50% on some lines. 

"Union Station is usually bustling with activities as families enjoy all the events during the break. It is good news that people are listening to public health advice and staying home if they can," Aikins told Narcity. 

Despite the lack of ridership, transit companies are still running and have been taking extra measures to make sure their cars are as clean as possible. However, Metrolinx has reduced service in some areas. 

"Our customers will still get the same safe experience, our Transit Safety and customer service teams will continue to be available to help customers get where they need to go. Our teams will also maintain the increased level of cleaning on our vehicles and stations," Metrolinx President and CEO Phil Verster stated in a press release. 

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