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You Can Visit This Turquoise Lake Hidden Inside An Abandoned Mine Near Toronto

Summer has officially started, and that means it’s time to hit the road with your besties. This breathtaking turquoise water in Ontario looks like a tropical destination. In reality, it's just a 2-hour drive from Toronto, making it the perfect summer day trip. As if the gigantic rock walls and beautiful blue-green water weren’t enough, you can visit this abandoned gem for free.

The crystal clear mine is an excellent place to visit during the summertime, but there’s plenty of scenic hiking paths and ATV trails to enjoy as well. Or simply sit above the fence and take in the stunning view of the water below. You can even bring your dog along for the adventure.

The mine has been out of operation since the late ’70s, but you can immerse yourself in its rich history with all the informative signs placed throughout the location.

At one point in time, this man-made lake was a fully functional iron-steel mine. Lovingly referred to by locals as the Mighty Marmora Mine, the vast attraction stretches over 75 acres, with water as deep as 550 ft.

Initially, giant pumps were installed in the mine to keep water from accumulating but were eventually turned off. Over time, enough rainwater was collected to officially classify the abandoned pit as a lake.

There have been some talks of building a hydro plant at the deserted mine, so make sure to take in the views while you still can.

Mighty Marmora Mine

Location: Marmora, Ontario

Price: Free

Why you need to go: Stunning turquoise water, hiking trails, and rich historical value make this the ultimate summer day trip.Get Directions

Disclaimer: Swimming is no longer permitted in the mine. We strongly advise against breaking these rules.

*This article has been updated.

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