Photo cred - Sadia Awan

Despite the fact that everyone in Toronto finds themselves needing the TTC more often than not, our subway is apparently not the most highly used transit system in Canada. While the TTC provided about 309.5 million rides in 2013 (the last year for which statistics are available), the STM (Montreal's metro) saw 356.1 million individual rides in the same year.

How is it possible that out of Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver (120.4 mil rides), Montreal has the highest ridership rate? Toronto has a much higher population than Montreal. Montrealers bike more than anyone else in North America, and their downtown area is significantly smaller than Toronto's is.

Of course, the figures don't shed any light on how many Torontonians give up on their commute and take a cab after waiting 45 minutes for a streetcar that never comes. The differences in the cost of Montreal's and Toronto's monthly transit passes also probably plays a big role in this. A TTC metropass costs $133.00, while a Montreal OPUS card costs only $82.00.


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