A British Columbia paper printed an apology from Justin Trudeau for "inappropriately handling" a female reporter back in 2000. Clippings from the Creston Valley Advance have been floating around on Twitter showing an editorial piece titled "Open Eyes" that is dated back to August of that year. 

A 29-year old Trudeau was in Creston at the time to celebrate the Kokanee Summit Festival, which no longer takes place. A reporter was working the story for not only the local paper but also the National Post and Vancouver Sun

Here is a slightly better quality image of an editorial in the August 14, 2000 Creston Valley Advance, a local B.C. paper, which claims Justin Trudeau apologized for "inappropriately handling" (or "groping" in the paper's words) a female reporter. pic.twitter.com/fZ748QqWYX

June 7, 2018

In the apology, Trudeau said that if he had known the reporter was there for a national paper he never would have made such advancements to her. The editorial goes on to question his actions, especially growing up in the public eye of media. 

As the Prime Minister now labels himself as a proud feminist, it is clear that he has learned from the mistakes of his youth. He was even the first Canadian prime minister to develop a gender-balanced cabinet. 

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Never the less this behaviour is something that's concerning to many people. The Tweets were shared by Sean Craig of the Financial Post and Candace Malcolm of the Toronto Sun, publications that are known for conservative coverage.

Twitter has wasted no time to discuss Trudeau's previous actions and is not very pleased with Canada's leader. Some have mentioned other politicians who have been fired for such actions, others wonder how they never knew. 

What exactly was the “grope”. I mean, that sounds rather inappropriate, but what did he actually do? Was this just another one of his forced upon, awkward hugs? lol.

June 7, 2018

How will he respond when he has already said this👇🏽Trudeau says zero tolerance on misconduct toward women applies to him as wellhttps://t.co/CNkSXiaJBB#metoo #cdnpoli

June 7, 2018

This doesn't seem like something Trudeau is hiding though, on his campaign trail he stopped back in Creston Valley. He even mentioned spending time there for the Kokanee Summit where the groping incident occurred.