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Two Canadian Airports Just Won The Award For The Slowest Wi-Fi In All Of North America

If you're a frequent flyer then you know how important WiFi can be when you're stranded in another country. Since no one wants to pay for roaming charges, WiFi is your best attempt to try and get in touch with anyone if your flight is delayed, cancelled, or if your mom just wants to know you landed. 

Well, it's now fair to say that Canadian airports are not the best for this. Literally, two of Canada's airports were just named the slowest WiFi in North America. That's right Toronto and Montreal, we're talking about you. 

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The website Speedtest tracks and ranks downloading speeds across North American airports. Toronto's Pearson Airport ended up with a downloading speed of 7.1 Mbps, while Montreal's Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport staggered into the last place with 6.4 Mbps. 

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What's makes these numbers sadder? The fact that they have actually improved since the 2017 ranking but still manage to fall into the last two place. Speedtest also reports that Bell is the fastest service provider in Toronto, whereas Telus is actually fastest in Montreal. Maybe it's time the airports change their service plans? 

If you're travelling and looking for some fast wifi, Speedtest ranked Seattle-Tacoma International Airport number one on their list, with speed of 103 Mbps. Second place went to Denver International Airport, who actually beat Seattle for the past two years, ranking at 78.7 Mbps. Considering that's over ten times Toronto's speed, it's very impressive.

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If you're visiting Toronto it may be time to expand your phone plan, it doesn't look like the internet is going to get you very far! 

Source: Speedtest

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