Two Dudes Eat At 24 Toronto Restaurants In 24 Hours

Talk about all you can eat.
Two Dudes Eat At 24 Toronto Restaurants In 24 Hours

Toronto's food situation is on point. This is pretty much an undisputed fact. So when Harry and Bruce, the stars of Tastemade's Day of Gluttony, set their sights on our city, they knew they were in for a treat. Day of Gluttony is a food challenge series in which the two hosts go to a city, and to get a full idea of its food culture, eat at 24 of its restaurants over the course of a day. It's intense, it's fun, and it'll make you so so hungry.

Here are all of the restaurants that the guys hit up:


01. Greenhouse Juice

02. Starving Artist

03. Almond Butterfly

04. Harvest Kitchen

05. Sense Appeal

06. Nadege


07. County General

08. Beast Restaurant

09. Old York Bar & Grill

10. Fresh Off the Boat

11. Butter Avenue

12. Soma Chocolatemaker

13. Pai

14. Pho Hung

15. Yasu

16. Valdez


17. Patria

18. Wvrst

19. Come and Get It

20. The Home of the Brave

21. Rock Lobster

22. Gladstone Hotel Cafe

23. Bar Hop

24. Prohibition Gastrohouse

h/t from Huffington Post

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