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Two Ontario Men Stole An ATM Through The Window Of A Grocery Store Last Night

Waterloo Regional Police are looking for suspects after local FreshCo ATM is robbed.

Two Ontario criminals pulled off the heist of a lifetime last night. Waterloo Regional Police notified the public of an ATM theft at an Ontario FreshCo at around 12:30 AM on Wednesday. Police allege that two suspects smashed into a Waterloo FreshCo in a pickup truck, hoisted an ATM from the store into their vehicle and sped off.

According to local police, the ATM nabbed by the duo had a “significant amount of cash” inside of it. It is unknown at this time why the thieves targeted the FreshCo or how long they had been planning the crime, but given the nature of the incident, it is likely to have been carefully calculated.

Police have provided a vague description of the suspect's getaway car - a “dark, full-sized pickup truck”. It is unclear at the moment whether or not police were able to obtain surveillance footage of the incident.

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The reckless crime reportedly caused a “significant amount” of damage to the grocery store. Exact specifics have yet to be released.

Investigators believe there may be a link between the crime and another incident which occurred at another FreschCo last month. Back in February, a man reportedly waved a firearm at two customers inside of a local grocery at around 2:30 AM. In a strikingly similar sequence of events, two men then hooked the store’s ATM to a red pickup truck and yanked it out of the store.

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 “At this point, it is too early to say whether the robberies are connected or not,” stated Waterloo Regional Police Const. Andre Johnson according to Global News.

Anyone with any information is asked to contact local authorities at 519-570-9777.