U of T Is Opening 6 Gender Neutral Washrooms On Campus

For a positive change.
U of T Is Opening 6 Gender Neutral Washrooms On Campus

The University of Toronto Mississauga campus has announced that they will be transforming 6 single-gender washrooms to being gender-neutral this fall. UTM’s interim vice-president and principal Ulrich Krull believes this change will accommodate and create comfortable facilities for a greater number of people.

The restrooms will have new stalls, as well as semi-private and private dividers surrounding urinals. They will be situated at multiple locations on campus: The Terrence Donnelly Health Sciences Complex, Deerfield Hall and the Communication, Culture and Technology building.

Mark Overton, the dean of student affairs made a very powerful statement regarding this positive change: “We want our campus community to be open and welcoming to people of all genders, and this is another step in the right direction.”

GO UTM! Hopefully other universities will step up their game and make these changes as well!

More details are provided on UTM'S page here.