Uber Canada has decided to put an end to drunk driving with a straw. I know -- is this real life? Looks like Toronto has a new Superman watching over the city.

Drinking and driving is simply NOT okay. Uber takes all of the excuses off of the table. It's safe, it's fast, it's convenient -- it's a breathalyzer on the sidewalk. Your only task is to take the straw and blow into the machine. Even a drunk idiot can do it! Holy shit you're really that drunk?! Uber has decided that you definitely need a ride home for the night.

The video shows people testing out the machine -- amazed as Uber is there to pick them up after they've been deemed too drunk to drive. The video also states that:

You might want to get home to eat that leftover poutine. Your car might be parked in the perfect parking spot adjacent to the bar, your poutine might be waiting for you in the fridge, your girlfriend might have sent you a sexy Snapchat and maybe you're just not that drunk. Driving drunk is never okay. Uber offers a way to get to your poutine without being an idiot about it.

Uber Canada gives people the option of getting home safe without the excuses. Hopefully if someone is too drunk, in the future, an Uber machine will serve as a way to get them to put their car keys back in their pocket.


Not only does the machine save you from drinking and driving -- it could also save someone from taking that "free" ride offered to them from the guys at the bar that night. When people are drunk it can be easy to dismiss the dangers of taking rides from strangers. This seems so appealing at the time, especially when you're in heels and have been waiting for a cab for the past hour now. But, it's not worth it and Uber is there to convince you otherwise.

Toronto just happens to be the lucky city that Uber Canada has chosen to test out its machine. Uber Canada states that:


So although this machine is in it's testing phase -- it really shows the possibilities for a city like Toronto in the future. Drinking and driving is still a huge problem and companies like Uber Canada and Rethink are really addressing the problem in a different way. Giving drunk people a ride home is a lifesaving act that allows for a fun and safe city. So let's take the time to applaud Uber's genius machine and hope that we'll be seeing more of these in Toronto soon. It's time for Uber to become everyone's DD and put an end to drunk driving.