Due to the mass popularity of services like Uber, several companies are inspired to look for new ways to get involved in the ride sharing game.

In recent months, automotive industry giant General Motors had stated that it plans to implement a new transportation innovation in Toronto - one that may involve electric cars, and later, self-driving cars.

The company already announced that it will be opening a GM Mobility Campus within the next few years that will serve as a research and development centre for transportation innovation projects such as this car sharing initiative. However, GM's Vice President, David Paterson, said that they will be introducing some new type of transportation technology in Toronto before the R&D facility even opens.

The hope is that shared, automated, and electric vehicles will benefit Toronto in more ways than one. Common issues in city transportation such as congestion and vehicle pollution could see improvements with an initiative like this, and the self-driving feature would also mean that the convenience aspect of ride sharing wouldn't be compromised.

While the project has yet to be formally confirmedGM appears enthusiastic about it and is likely to give it a whirl. They already run a similar car sharing service in various US cities called Maven+, which places shared cars in condo parking lots to be available for paying members to use. Such a model has potential to work in a city like Toronto.