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Uber Has Stopped Testing Its Self Driving Cars In Toronto For A Very Tragic Reason

A lot of people seem to think that self driving cars arethe way of the future. The basic idea being that robots are less reckless than humans behind the wheel and therefore make better drivers and roads safer for everyone. Sounds great. 

But that theory is currently being put to the test right now after a very tragic incident down in Arizona. 

And what happened is having really big consequences for Uber and its self driving cars in Toronto.   

So what happened exactly? Tragically a self driving Uber car struck and killed a woman in Tempe, Arizona. The woman is believed to be the first pedestrian ever to have been killed by a self driving vehicle.    

As a result Uber has suspended all testing of its self driving cars across the world, including here in Toronto.    

If you're wondering where exactly in the city Uber as been testing its self driving cars, apparently all of it is happens near the University of Toronto's downtown campus.   

The Ontario government has allowed self driving cars on roads since 2016 as part of a testing program, which is supposed to continue until the year 2026. 

So what does this all mean for the future of self driving cars? Only the future will know.   

 Sources:CBC, Toronto Star

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