Honestly, sometimes life gets hectic and busy, so the last thing that comes to mind is cooking your meals of the day. That's why takeout is so easy. When your day is just too busy with work, meetings, and socializing, ordering in can be the fastest choice. 

Of course, we all know that grabbing takeout every night isn't exactly the healthiest option but it is also comes with quite a price tag. From delivery charges to extra money for condiments, it can really rack up. 

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For one Toronto man, an UberEats order was going to cost him a lot more than the average customer. A mistake in the system nearly charged him over $1000 if he added extra mayo to his Chubby Chicken burger at A&W. 

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The Torontonian took to Facebook to show how incredibly expensive just an extra packet of mayo is. Lucky for him, he caught the charge prior to ordering his food and accidentally spending $1013.06 for a single meal. 

The A&W location has since fixed the issue and have lowered the price back to the original 99 cent charge. 

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If there is anything that can be learned from this situation, it is that accidents happen no matter how thorough we think we are.

Luckily for this man and any other UberEats customers, no one will have to pay a thousand dollars for mayo anytime soon. 

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Source: CBC