Photo cred- Sylvain Granier (Ubisoft development team)

Get ready gamers of Toronto, because you'll be getting a hands-on preview of one of the most anticipated FPS games of the year, which won't be hitting shelves for another 3 weeks. Get your game on with Far Cry 4 as Ubisoft will be bringing all the game's action to the streets of downtown Toronto this weekend with their free pop-up gaming event.

Far Cry 4 is at the forefront of Ubisoft and Playstation's special event, as it should be, but you can also look forward to something a bit more artsy too. Three original murals will be painted live at Dundas and Bond (map), allowing you to see the artist in motion, with tons of prizes also planned to be given away at the event.

Here's the basic breakdown of info on Ubisoft & Playstation's pop-up gaming event:

As any respectable gamer probably already knows, Ubisoft is the team behind the release of big- name game series like Assassin’s Creed, Prince of Persia, and Watch Dogs. Ubisoft employees who worked on the game will be present at the event, answering questions and giving you insights into the process of creating a video game.

Ubisoft’s exclusive Far Cry 4 and PlayStation event will take place on Saturday, November 1st ad Dundas and Bond. Note that the date may change due to the weather. Head over to the official event page get all the info and any updates on the exact time.

Will you be attending?