A Unicorn Poutine From Toronto Is Sparking A Massive Debate All Over Canada

This shows how sensitive Canadians are about poutine.
Unicorn Poutine From Toronto Is Sparking A Massive Debate All Over Canada

We all know how much Canadians love their poutine. The dish represents a cultural identity for many up North, and Canadians are very sensitive about how poutine is prepared. This has been further validated after a unicorn poutine in Toronto has garnered a horrified reaction from many all over the country, and especially in Quebec.  The poutine in question comes from Enchanted Poutinerie at Wilson and Dufferin. The poutinerie has 20 unconventional takes on poutine that are all creative, to say the least. Each one has it's own flavour theme that is way out of the ordinary. For example, they've got a pizza poutine, a chicken shawarma poutine, a gnocchi poutine. They've even got a dessert poutine with sprinkles and whipped cream. No matter what the twist, every single one of them sounds delicious. However, not all Canadians seem to agree with their creative methods. When the official Twitter account of Canada posted Enchanted Poutinerie's unicorn poutine earlier this week, people couldn't handle what they were seeing. The box of poutine was anything but the simple classic. It has rainbow cheese curds and rainbow gravy, and apparently, it was too much for many. People are so taken aback by this twist on their favourite Canadian food, that we can't help but dig through some of the comments for the best reactions. 

Over 300 people have responded to this Canadian dish in shock and dismay. Plenty of them even said Quebec should separate from Canada after Toronto did this to them. One user even stated, "this is a crime against my people."

While another stated, "are you trying to break up this country?!"

It seems that many Canadians are not having it with the rainbow poutine. 

Is it a win or a lose for Toronto? While those on Twitter seem to think the later, the company is well known for its amazing, creative dishes. Who knew fries, cheese, and gravy could be such a controversial dish? 

The fact that the cheese curds come from Quebec was not enough to console anyone on Twitter. However, don't let us deter you from trying this one-of-a-kind creation from a small business that has done their research on poutine.

Their website says that they've tried all the poutine in Toronto and when that became too limited, they went to Quebec to try as many different poutines as they possibly could before opening their own place, so we know that their dishes are sure to be mouth-watering. 

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