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Union Station Drill Prepares Paramedics For A Mass Casualty Situation

Union Station was quite a scene on Saturday, November 2  for the station's largest ever emergency drill with paramedics responding to a fake mass attack. The platform was filled with 150 actors who were all decked out in fake blood and were sprawled all over the platform while real paramedics responded. The Union Station drill was meant to prep first responders for an actual situation like this. 

This article contains graphic content that might not be suitable for some readers.

The videos are quite disturbing to watch, despite the fact that it was only a drill. People can be heard howling in fake pain while paramedics rush to cover as many bases as they can. It was the largest emergency attack simulation that has ever taken place at the country's busiest transit hub that is Union Station, according to Metrolinx. Around 200 emergency response personnel were present during the exercise according to CBC. This included firefighters, paramedics, and police. “It is important to regularly test our emergency preparedness to ensure our staff and first-responders are ready in the event of any type of critical incident at Union Station,” said Metrolinx VP of safety and security George Bell, Global News reports. The drill was quite elaborate, with simulated smoke created from a fake fire by a special effects team. It was made to look so real that Metrolinx had to warn people ahead of time not to call 911 if they were passing through the area. 

Although the event was prescripted, police wanted to keep some element of surprise and chaos so that first responder could appropriately react to an actual situation like this, City News Toronto reports. This was evident in the highly realistic display that makeup artists and special effects teams worked hard to recreate. 

The exercise took place not only inside the platform but also outside the station, where a portion of Front Street was closed off. There were also "injured" people to be seen all over the inside of the station, not just the train platform. It looked like an actual apocalyptic setting.

Hopefully, we never have to see a real situation like this, but it looks like response crews are making sure to stay ready, just in case. 

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