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UNIQLO Is Hosting An Event In Toronto This Week And You Can Get Free Clothes

Comfy, stylish clothes for free? Yes please!

Ever since UNIQLO has hit Toronto, I've been OBSESSED. Amazing clothes, simple universal styles, and super affordable price. No matter what you're looking for, you always leave looking cute AF.

And while hopping into a UNIQLO store is a pretty amazing experience... wellp, it seems like they've just managed to one-up themselves. That's right: UNIQLO just launched a smartphone app, making it officially possible to buy your favourite UNIQLO clothes from the comfort of your bed! The app is super user-friendly, and a nice way to browse their selection. 

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To celebrate their new app (where, BTW, you can shop their new fall looks - YAS) they are hosting an awesome immersive pop-up at 451 King Street West. Basically, the idea behind the pop-up is you literally 'step inside their online mobile store' and get to have the mobile experience in person. You get to browse the wide selection of items available across Canada - and you're literally buying clothes right from the app! 

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Best of all, if you download the app and register, you'll get a free piece of HEATTECH clothing! That means everyone who comes by, downloads the app and registers will get a toasty warm HEATTEACH piece for no cost at all. Free clothes? Hi, I'll be there. For those who don't know, HEATTECH is their new super comfy line that you wear under clothes to keep you warm... perfect for the cold sweater weather that's coming up!

Plus, UNIQLO and Toray Industries of Japan developed HEATTECH together so you know it's legit. No matter what the weather, HEATTECH will keep you warm, dry and cozy. For all you fellow constantly cold people out there - this one's for you.

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This whole super immersive pop-up experience is going down September 19th to 22nd... it's going to be a super cool event, but it'll only last so long, so make sure you mark your calendars! 

Free clothes? A cool immersive experience and being able to check out all the awesome clothes UNIQLO offers AND an opportunity to learn more about the new app? Does anyone really need any more convincing? See you there!

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To learn more about UNIQLO and their pop-up, download their app and check out their website, Facebook and Instagram.

Via Uniqlo Canada