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Unique Places To Take A Date In Toronto This Fall If You Don't Drink

You don't need alcohol to have fun!
Unique Places To Take A Date In Toronto This Fall If You Don't Drink

If you don't drink, some may find it stressful to get your nerves in control on a date. If you just started hanging out with a new beau or you're really trying to impress that special, potential someone WITHOUT booze, there are many creative ways to break the ice.

Hanging out at bars are the typical fun and boozy environment to poke fun at each other, flirt a little and engage in some playful banter. But if you want to stay away from alcohol, there are dozens of equally rewarding date spots in Toronto for you to make moves *heart eyes*.  

Here are some unique date spots in Toronto if you don't drink:

Sign Up for a Cooking Class at Dish Cafe 

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Nothing's better than turning up the heat in the bedroom kitchen and learning a new recipe together! If it's getting too cold outside but you still want that interactive, five senses experience, a cooking class will be sure to trigger all of that. Dish Cafe offers extraordinary and dynamic cooking classes and let's be real-- who has really whipped this date idea up? It's not too common. The best part is that you guys get to learn a new recipe together. Now whenever you order this dish at a restaurant or cook it at home, you'll think back to these memories.

This is the kind of cool date idea where both of you can have fun in the kitchen and eat it, too. This is also a clever date spot to get clues to your date's true identity. Also, watching someone cook is just so satisfyingly sexy. Who doesn't love homecooked food? If you want to try this out, take a look at their class schedule here.

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Experience An Alternate Reality

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This is a cool one. If you've already gotten to know each other a bit and want to do something a little out of your "date comfort zone," you can try VR together! You can now traverse through alternate worlds while still keeping your feet firmly planted on the floor.

Virtual Reality lounges have been steadily popping up all over Toronto, so why not give it a try? It's not only unique, but it's an immersive date experience with so many options. VRPlayin, House of VR, and Levelup Virtual Reality Arcade are all pretty high-rated in the city. This might be the newest way to fall in love! via

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Go Pumpkin Picking & Then Carve Jack O' Lanterns Together

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Fall isn't fall without visiting a pumpkin patch. This trip may seem basic to you, but it's actually an opportunity to spend the day outdoors. With the change in weather in Toronto, many people (myself included) have been hit with bizarre waves of lack of energy, lethargy and disturbance of sleep. This has a lot to do with the tangible and visible changes in weather.

If there's a cute opportunity to get outside, you should take it! A trip to a pumpkin patch is the chance to spend a lovely day outdoors and it also makes for an easy setup for part two of the date: taking the pumpkin home and carving it.

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Stargaze At The David Dunlap Observatory 

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With Canada's cold weather starting to emerge, a romantic evening with the stars seems less and less promising. There are alternatives though, like going to an observatory! If it's too cold in the evenings to cozy up in blankets, you can consider David Dunlap Observatory as it's only about 30 minutes from Toronto located at 123 Hillsview Drive. You can use a telescope to observe some super cool celestial objects and other space-related subjects. Maybe this isn't your vibe, but Ross took Rachel to an observatory to watch the stars and they ended up unexpectedly spending the night there.

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Go To A Paintlounge 

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Coffee shops are pretty typical choices for dates, especially in Toronto. It's almost like a pre-screening before an actual date. Like, 'yeah let's go for coffee so I can predict if I'll actually like you enough to go on a real date.' I think whether people know it or not, it's unoriginal and it shouldn't be one of the first few dates you take someone on. What are you really trying to impress them with? Your artistic coffee ordering skills?

If you want to mix it up a little, hitting up a Paintlounge is great date idea. The venue at 784 College St. comes with a full cafe bar, where you can order hot coffee as well as hot chocolate and teas! The best part about paint nites is that you get to paint masterpieces together and flirt a little. So much better than just grabbing a coffee.

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Attend An After-Hours Art Party

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The Art Gallery of Toronto throws the city's biggest after-hours art party on the first Thursday of every month. These parties are specially curated events that showcase popular performance art along with cool DJ's in dance spaces around the gallery. Talk about swanky.

If you and your date eventually get tired of the music and want to go have some alone time, visitors are encouraged to check out their different interactive exhibits and enjoy the food. The themes for these after-hours parties change depending on what's happening in the museum as well as what's happening in the world, but each party is a passionate attempt to display the ideals of art and culture.

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Find Some Steals At Sunday Antique Market 

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Located at 125 The Esplanade, this crazy market has pretty much everything. The store is located just across the St. Lawrence Market, so after a yummy bite for lunch you and your date can go hang around here! You are bound to find things you haven't encountered since you were kids and you can maybe even sneak some time away from your date to surprise him/her with a surprise trinket to remember you by.

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Buy A Bouquet At Toronto's Flower Market 

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The Toronto Flower Market only has 2 dates left in 2018, so you better make plans and stick to them! This is another date idea to spend outdoors and because it's located in the Queen West and Ossington area, you'll never run out of shops and boutiques to wander around with your date. October 6th and 20th are the last days to visit the market this year!

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Take A Helicopter Ride With Helitours 

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At Billy Bishop, they offer extraordinary tours of the city in a helicopter, where you can take your date thousands of feet above ground level. This is a splendid idea because you'll get to see all the amazing fall foliage from above! Remember to share a breathtaking view (and a kiss) of your city with your SO before fall's over!

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Go Indoor Skydiving At iFly 

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iFly is a great way to experience the thrill of skydiving without all the sweat and anxiety because it's indoors. It's also a date idea that was spotted on The Bachelor. If it's on The Bachelor, it must mean it's a pretty darn cool date experience, right? You can try holding hands and kissing in the air! How's that for an icebreaker!

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Go Bowling At The Ballroom Bowl

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Bowling is another fun and action-filled date choice for non-drinkers. You don't need alcohol to have fun when you go bowling, whether it's the two of you or a group date. The Ballroom has smart yet fun interior decor, an ideal venue to host a great time!

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Take A Puppy Yoga Class Together

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This has been such a thing lately, it's no wonder this is on the list! There was recently a Pomsky yoga class where people mostly played with the puppies instead of doing actual yoga, which flooded the feeds of Toronto social media. There's no better way to WOW your date and watch them squeal than taking them to a room filled with puppies. You also get to strategically show your sweet and sensitive side.

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Go Apple Picking

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If you don't drink and can't attend a winery or vineyard, this is the next best thing. The views are pretty much the same... instead of grapes, it's apples! AND it's seasonal. AND there will likely be fresh apple cider for you lovebirds to buy by the gallon and take home. This classic fall date option obviously doesn't require alcohol and there is just something beautiful about the way hot weather transitions into crisp air, the days shorten and the leaves begin to turn brilliant shades. It makes us all feel warm and comforted-- which is what a date should feel like!

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Go To A Basketball Game

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Basketball season begins in October (next week!!), which means you can find tickets now before playoffs start. You don't need to drink to enjoy the high energy of an intense and exciting basketball game, so you're good. Bonus points if you both root for the same team, but if not, a little friendly flirty competition doesn't hurt.

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Eat S'mores Against A Warm Bonfire

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If you're both the outdoorsy type, grab some wood and matches and find a (legal) place where you can cozy up by the fire! Maybe roast some marshmallows or make some s'mores. The good thing is, Toronto's newly renovated Ontario Place now features a cozy fire pit. You can gaze up at the stars and enjoy getting to know each other over a mug of Irish coffee.

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Feel The Thrill At Toronto's Edgewalk

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If you’re looking for a totally exhilarating, and totally Toronto experience to bring you closer to your special someone-- or if you’re both just a couple of adrenaline junkies, then the CN Tower’s Edgewalk is the perfect way to get your fix. Couples that Edgewalk together, stay together! Plus, you guys will have awesome mementoes and photos to frame.

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Visit The Aga Khan Museum 

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The Aga Khan Museum has an incredible collection of ancient relics, arts and other trinkets from ancient civilization, and it will make for a truly fascinating date! This architectural gem is what makes the Aga Khan such an admirable destination, as you've probably seen the beautiful white exterior of the building whilst driving off the 404. Taking someone’s breath away is a whole lot easier when you're surrounded by white splendour and gorgeous landscaping.

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Get Your Hearts Racing At Canada's Wonderland

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Canada's premier theme park comes with all the thrills this fall at their annual Halloween Haunt. Even though theme parks are kind of crazy with lots of action happening, especially at an adrenaline-filled event like Halloween Haunt, you can still sneak in lots of intimate moments with your partner, like holding each other during a haunted house or sharing dessert.

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Create A Signature Drink Together At Labothéry

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Options are endless at Labothéry Inc, because it isn't your average bubble tea joint. For starters, employees where white lab coats giving it a super cool science-y vibe. Guests make their drinks by specially choosing ingredients that are displayed in test tubes, syringes and PETRI dishes. Taking your date here will be extremely playful, creative and experimental. The sentimental part is the idea you're creating a 'signature drink' together. How cute is that!

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