University Of Toronto Ranked Among Top Schools In The World For Finding A Job After Graduation

University of Toronto ranked among top universities in the world for graduate employability in 2019 ranking from QS Top Universities.
University Of Toronto Ranked Among Top Schools In The World For Finding A Job After Graduation

Universities all around the world were ranked today on February 21 in the annual QS World Univerisity Rankings. Universities across the globe are ranked in different categories, one of them being the "Graduate Employability Ranking". In terms of this category, the University of Toronto was ranked among the top universities in the whole world for finding a job after graduation . The university came in 12th in this category globally and first in Canada.

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On an overall basis, the University of Toronto has ranked the best university in all of Canada and ranked 28th across the world. It even jumped a few spots from last year – in 2018, the school was 31st. McGill was ranked the second best university in Canada and the University of British Columbia third.

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This year, U of T particularly shined in the category "Graduate Employability Ranking". The Toronto university came in 12th out of all universities around the world in this category, making it a top school globally for finding post-grad job opportunities. It has continually improved in rankings from previous years – in 2018, it was ranked 15th and in 2017, it was 20th.

For the "Graduate Employability Ranking", the school received a high overall score of 93.9. The category is broken down into different subcategories and U of T ranked high in almost every single one.

U of T had a 99.6 score for partnerships with employees. The university also managed to score 97.6 points for alumni outcomes and had a 91 score for employer reputation. However, the school had a low score of 62.8 for employer-student connections.

U of T was ranked the top university in Canada for Graduate Employability compared to other Canadian universities. Waterloo came in second in Canada, ranking 25th overall in the world. UBC was the third best university in this regard in Canada, ranking 38th compared to all universities across the globe.

The University of Toronto was also ranked the second best school in the entire world in the subject of nursing, sixth overall for sports-related subjects, and eighth for anthropology, social policy and administration, and anatomy and physiology.

To check out the full rankings from the QS World University Rankings , you can visit their website .