Spring has arrived in Toronto, and along with it, we're excited to see that it has brought better weather to the city. All good things come to an end, but luckily for us, this nice blast of spring weather is here to stay for the time being. Earlier this week, snow was in the forecast for Toronto on Monday and we were seriously dreading it. However, we're happy to report that now all that has changed and the updated forecast shows warm temperatures and sunny skies in Toronto. 

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We're happy to see that the weather has changed its mind and decided that spring weather was what Toronto needed, instead of another snowstorm to put us back into our winter misery. Just one day ago, The Weather Network reported that Toronto would get up to 4 cm of snow on Monday, but an updated forecast has been released and we much prefer this one. 

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The Weather Network's forecast today for Toronto shows that every single day next week will be sunny with relatively warm temperatures, including Monday. Spring weather is here to stay for the time being and we couldn't be more excited. 

Check out the weather forecast from The Weather Network below! 

Via The Weather Network

As you can see from the forecast, sunny skies with no snow in sight are in store for Toronto pretty much every single day next week. Temperatures will even reach as high as 10°C on Sunday, which is a perfect way to end the weekend. 

Although based on the forecast, temperatures will dip a bit on Monday and Tuesday, sunny skies will still brighten up the city, and highs of 9°C are in store on Thursday. 

Honestly, this is much better than the weather we've seen in recent months, so no complaints here. We're just excited to be able to go outside again without having to deal with snowstorms, intense wind gusts, thunderstorms and more

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As for the rest of the spring season, you can expect wild swings in temperature, according to The Weather Network's April and May forecast for Toronto. "April and May will bring back and forth swings in temperature that are typical of the season," says The Weather Network. "That means that we will see a more typical spring this year, in contrast to the consistent cold pattern that we saw last year". 

So go out and enjoy the warm, sunny weather, Toronto! We're counting down till the cherry blossoms starting blooming in the city and spring is in full swing.