Ever since he landed in Toronto, Vladimir Guerrero Jr. has been a fixture of Canadian baseball. However, the Blue Jays didn’t just gain a teammate when they decided to sign the young talent; they also gained a legendary chef. Guerrero’s grandmother Altagracia Alvino has been feeding MLB players her delicious home-cooked meals for decades. Now, thanks Guerrero’s latest career landmark, she has brought that tradition to the 6ix.

According to the New York Times, a typical morning for baseball’s favourite grandmother sees her cooking two pounds of red beans, 10 pounds of rice and a whopping 15 pounds of goat. Alvin orders all her ingredients from a grocery near her grandson’s apartment, which is located a few blocks away from the Rogers Centre. The matriarch cooks so much for the team that the Jays have loaned her a fridge for storage.

Alvino’s recipes are reportedly so tasty that even the Blue Jay’s clubhouse chef has asked for her recipes. However, the grandmother of 23 children doesn’t have a formal approach and despite her tireless efforts, never accepts money for her meals. She does it all out of love, which is what makes her meals both delicious and heartwarming.

Guerrero’s nan is such a boss that when the Jays needed the ballplayer to lose weight last winter, they went straight to Alvino and she got it done. Thanks to grandmother help, Guerrero lost 12 pounds during spring training after eating nothing but multigrain toast, smoothies and grilled meats.

Thankfully, no one in the Guerrero family lets Alvino go unappreciated. Altagracia is considered the backbone of her family. Everything her sons and grandson have accomplished is always lovingly traced back to her hard work.

“When you talk about my family, it is a given that you are talking about my grandmother. She is the who has elevated the Guerreros,” Vladdy gushed about his grandma during an interview with MLB.