Americans have long been enjoying the convenience and ease of grocery delivery with apps like PostMates and Shipt, but finally, finally, Canadians can enjoy it for themselves as well! This news is all thanks to Walmart's latest decision to offer day-of grocery delivery through their partnership with Instacart. 

The move by Walmart is one many predicted considering Amazon's acquisition of Whole Foods. With the rise of Canadians looking towards the online marketplace giant for their food and drinks instead of storefronts, grocery stores are scrambling to keep up. Not surprisingly, Walmart isn't the only grocery giant looking to dabble in the delivery service either. 

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Loblaws also has partnered with Instacart and is planning to "blanket the country" with online services for Canadians to get their groceries later this year. Sobeys is also in on the trend but they've opted to partner with a company from Britan called Ocado Group where they are planning to create a food storage centre that will completely automate food selection. Though the project isn't set to launch in the GTA for another two years. 

With regards to Walmart's same-day delivery, it's slated to roll out this week in the GTA where you place the order online with Walmart, and it is then carried out and delivered to your home by Instacart employees. 

If you don't live in the GTA, don't worry! Walmart has already announced they will be expanding the service to Winnipeg come September 27th and are planning on introducing the concept to other areas of the country soon. 

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As well, Walmart Canada actually already offers grocery delivery at all of its stores right now, the only difference is it's next day delivery. It's still the same convenience, just not as fast! If you don't want it delivered, the pickup option is also available across all Canadian Walmart stores. 

Source: Toronto Sun