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Walmart Canada Just Launched A New Store In Toronto Where Customers Scan Items And Pay All Through Their Phone

Walmart's new Urban Supercentre Concept store will feature a variety of new changes.

Walmart has just taken a step into the future by introducing their new checkout system called the 'fast lane'. If you're someone who hates waiting in lines or struggling through the hassle of self-checkout, then Walmart just got a whole lot better. Walmart's 'fast lane' allows customers to scan items on their phone and skip the checkout process altogether. 

The first location that has debuted this new Urban Supercenter is in the Toronto-Stockyards location. Along with multiple other changes that are being introduced in Walmart's new 'Urban Supercentre Concept store' in Toronto, one of the main changes is these new 'fast lanes'. 

According to Business Insider, a Walmart shopper can download the 'My Walmart' app and scan items with your phone as you add them into your cart. Once you're done shopping, you can head on over to the designated fast lane section where all you have to do is scan the order barcode on your phone at one of the barcode stations. 

The station then charges the credit card that you have imputed on your phone. Before you exit the store, a fast lane worker will check your mobile receipt, and then you're good to go. 

This is just one of the many changes that this new Toronto Walmart will actually have. According to Retail Insider this new Walmart will also offer customers multiple products through licensee partnerships including Freshii, the Party Shop, the UPS store, MINISO and McDonald's. 

This means that shoppers can now head into Walmart and be able to have access to a variety of other popular brand names, such as MINISO. 

A new Walmart.ca section is also located within this store where workers can help assist with making online purchases. This section will also host a variety of pop-up shops where online vendors can go to showcase their items. 

This Walmart will also have two dedicated nursing rooms, a renovated toy section and a 'community hub' where guests are able to sit down, relax and even grab a bite to eat. 

While Retail Insider and Business Insider state that this is the first Walmart location that will feature this location, some customers have indicated that they have spotted these fast check out lanes in their local Walmarts. 

Retail Insider stats that a second Urban Supercenter will launch in Thornhill sometime next year.