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A Warriors Fan Got Assaulted In The Streets Of Toronto After Last Night's Game (VIDEO)

A video depicts a Warriors fan getting punched twice by a Toronto fan last night.
A Warriors Fan Got Assaulted In The Streets Of Toronto After Last Night's Game (VIDEO)

Last night's Game 5 of the NBA Finals was heartbreaking for Toronto Raptors fans. But it seems that a couple of rowdy troublemakers took it too far after the Raptors' devastating 1-point loss to the Golden State Warriors. A video posted to Twitter depicts a Warriors fan punched in the streets of Toronto after the game finished last night.

The unflattering video, which has gotten over 100,000 views since it was posted online last night, has basketball fans from across the continent questioning Toronto fans' behaviour during and after Game 5. 

Up until last night's game, Toronto fans have been applauded for their good sportsmanship and respectful demeanour.  Throughout the NBA post-season, Raptors fans have been notoriously characterized for their civility and decorum.

Even Golden State Warriors player Klay Thompson remarked about how much he appreciated Toronto's kindness. Warriors coach Steve Kerr echoed a similar sentiment during an interview.

The incident certainly paints an ugly picture of Torontonians, and social media users haven't been holding back their criticisms.

Some fans tried to defend Raptors fans, saying that the vast majority are good-natured, even-tempered people.

Some commenters were really, really harsh.

And some called on Mayor John Tory, Raptors President Masai Ujiri, and Drake to intervene.

Between the violent post-game antics and the gleeful cheering at Kevin Durant's injury, it was a disappointing night to be a Raptors fan, according to many people:

Let's do better, Toronto.

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