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7 Warriors Fans Having Hilarious Temper Tantrums After The Raptors Won The Championship

Warriors fans are acting grumpy and it's kinda hilarious.

Game 6 of the NBA Championship was absolutely thrilling for viewers - unless you are a Warriors fan, of course. The Golden State Warriors' devastating loss to the Toronto Raptors at last night's Game 6 of the NBA Finals was a tough pill for the team's fanbase to swallow. And from the looks of it, Warriors fans aren't exactly taking the defeat in stride.

Videos have been surfacing all over social media that depict Warriors fans grieving the loss of last night's game. For the most part, it isn't pretty.

You can't blame Warriors fans for taking the loss so hard.  After all, Golden State has six championships under their belt, with the most recent in 2015, 2017, and 2018.  So yeah, that's gotta hurt.

One particularly upset Warriors fan smashed his TV with his chair at the end of the game:

But, that's just the beginning of the Warriors' meltdowns last night:

You gotta feel bad for this poor kid, though. 

This guy definitely needs to work on his sportsmanship.

You won't get any pity from Raptors fans, that's for sure!

Gotta love the one Raptors supporter in a sea of sad-looking Warriors fans at Oracle Arena.

Better luck next year, Warriors!