A Toronto commuter captured video footage of a young woman in the midst of a "racist" confrontation on a TTC subway train. The video, which was posted on YouTube this past Sunday, has since been viewed over 61,500 times. The Toronto Police are reportedly investigating the incident as a robbery and racist attack.

The incident allegedly took place on Saturday, on a Line 1 train heading southbound near Eglinton West station. The creator of the video claims in the description that the young woman in the video "was yelling at a commuter to go back to China," and took their cellphone.

Via Margaret Anthony

"I pulled the emergency alarm, confronted the culprit mugging this woman and waited for the police to arrive. This is unacceptable!" she says.

The start of the video shows a young woman in a black t-shirt standing on the train in front of another woman, yelling at her to "go back to China." The woman in the black t-shirt comes running down the aisle of the train towards the camera, with the other woman's cellphone in her hand. She threatens to run off with it unless a video is deleted from the phone.

Via Margaret Anthony, YouTube

"I just want her to delete the video of me," she yells, refusing to return the cellphone. She runs off the train with the cellphone, with the other woman and a bystander chasing after her.

It's unclear what provoked the confrontation, other than the alleged video on the woman's cellphone. Toronto Police will likely provide an update in the coming days, on whether or not the young woman will be criminally charged for her actions.

UPDATE on July 31st at 11:49 AM PST:

According to CTV News, Toronto Police are investigating the incident on the TTC as a robbery. 

Source: CTV