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Watch This Woman Absolutely Lose It On A TTC Officer And Then Claim He "Attacked" Her (VIDEO)

A video was released yesterday of a woman spitting on a TTC officer and hitting him in the face several times. The incident happened in the middle of the street at Woodbine and Danforth Avenue. 

Allegedly, the woman entered a building and started taking other people's mail. She assaulted a resident of the building and then fled the scene after they tried to confront her. In the video, the woman is seen running across the road through oncoming traffic as the TTC officer tries to catch up to her. She can be hearing yelling, "Leave, I didn't do anything!" 

Via "39,999 Views" YouTube

As the officer approached her, she immediately started swinging. He tried to restrain her and she broke free, telling the camera, "He just attacked me." She hit him several more times and spit on him as she tried to run away. 

As the officer took her down, bystanders can be heard in the background yelling at the woman to get on the ground. As two other men stepped in to help restrain her she said, "Don't f***ing touch me, I'm Muslim." The officer told her he's making a "citizen's arrest," and she spit in his face again.

Via "39,999 Views" YouTube

Until police arrived, the woman tried breaking free several times, yelling "Kill him!" at passerby, claiming the TTC officer broke her back. The TTC officer tells her that she'll be arrested for "assaulting him four times," to which she replied, "they can't arrest me, I'm a lawyer."

One bystander actually hit the woman while holding her on the ground. The TTC officer pushed him away yelling, "Don't hit her!"

The woman was arrested and is allegedly facing multiple charges, including theft of mail, assault with a weapon, assault, three counts of possession of a credit card obtained by crime and breach of probation.

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