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We Finally Know The Exact Day That Toronto Will Be Hit By Snowfall This Season

The snow will be hitting Toronto with plenty of time before the holiday season!

Now that September is almost over it can be hard to admit that the summer of 2018 is officially over. With autumn upon us, it's time to buckle down into school and cuffing season before the holidays roll around. 

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That being said, there is always something so refreshing about the falling leaves and transition from summer's greenery to autumn's golden colours. Before we know it snow will be tumbling from the sky and we will all be layering for extra heat. 

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For the 3 million Canadians living in Toronto, there is one weather report that lets you know exactly when the winter weather will be arriving in the city. Accuweather has a 90-day forecast that has officially declared when the first snowfall will be in Toronto. 

You can expect to bundle up on November 26th because the forecast is calling for snow in the morning. That means as of today, September 20, you officially have two months and six days to enjoy the fall weather before the snowfall begins. 

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You may need to start wearing your winter jacket and woolly socks sooner than November 26 though because of the weather dipping into the negatives with a low of -2 degrees Celcius as early as October 28

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Luckily Halloween shouldn't be terribly cold with Accuweather predicting Torontonians will get a high of 10 degrees Celsius and a low of 6. 

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Not to copy Game Of Thrones but winter is coming and fast! Before we know it the holidays will be upon us! Be sure to enjoy the next few months of fall before the snowy days are here.

After all, snowy weather means delays in our daily commutes, salty roads, and a whole lot of shovelling! At least it's safe to say that Toronto will get a white Christmas for 2018!