We Finally Know Who's Behind Those Creepy Ads Showing Up On Ontario University Campuses

Students across Ontario were freaked out after clipboards showed up on the first week of class.
We Finally Know Who's Behind Those Creepy Ads Showing Up On Ontario University Campuses

Being a student comes with a great deal of stress and worry. Whether you're thinking about covering tuition costs, passing your midterms, and getting a job after graduation, being in post-secondary can be overwhelming in the first place. 

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That's why a recent job advertisement floating around Ontario universities seemed way to be good to be true and convinced students that it had to be a scam. 

This is going around UWO but I believe I’ve seen a paper scarily similar in a few of my classes 🤷‍♀️ be safe pic.twitter.com/EQ5706uilb

September 14, 2018

After Western University published an investigative piece in their school paper, The Western Gazette, people were concerned that clipboards asking for students details were dangerous. In fact, some people even believed that it was linked to the recent spike in alleged sex trafficking rings on University campuses. 

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The clipboard is an advertisement for a job opportunity for the summer following the school year in 2019. They ask the students to fill out the form if they're interested and it only requires your name, number, faculty, and the city which you'll be living in following the school year. 

I’m in first year and this has been passed around every class I’ve had

September 15, 2018

After Narcity covered the story, students across Canada had realized that these clipboards are being passed around multiple universities. Another person on Twitter commented that this isn't the first year that this has happened. 

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These have been passed around first year classrooms for ages

September 15, 2018

I did this program in the summer in 2018. I’m a 2nd year Econ student at Laurier. It’s an entrepreneurial opportunity running a service-based business with Student Works people should really look into these things themselves before assuming it’s a scam.

September 15, 2018

While the University of Western campus police is looking into the clipboards, other students on Twiter have been stating that these job advertisements aren't anything new. In fact, some people claim that it's actually a summer management program run by Student Works, which aims to help post-secondary students gain experience in their field. 

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If you've never heard of Student Works, you may have seen their lawn sign in your neighbourhood. Their summer program offers students a chance to manage a team of painters, letting you gain experience running a business and employing other students. 

Student Works' motto can be found on their website and one of the key parts of how they operate if by recruiting students. "We are in the business of creating leaders by recruiting, training and coaching the best students across Canada," it says in their About Us section. 

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It's not only painting though, students who work for Student Works can also do general home improvement work, whether that's painting the exterior or interior of a house or staining a wooden deck. 

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The company has actually been operating since 1981 and has served over 100,000 people by employing students who need money for school. 

We can't be completely sure if the mysterious clipboards at Western University were actually related to Student Works, but that's what some Canadian students across the country are stating on Twitter and Facebook.

It seems like the creepy ads are actually just a recruiting ploy for Student Works so they can hire more painters and workers for next summer.

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