It's not every day that you get to see your favourite childhood heroes come to life but earlier this week, Canadians were shocked to see Batman on the side of the road in Ontario, Canada. 

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We reported that a man dressed in a Batman costume was pulled over to the side of the road in Brampton, Ontario. The video was originally posted on Reddit, where tons of users were curious as to what the Dark Knight had done. 

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The video shows a decked out Batman and his swanky sports car that looks like a full-blown Batmobile pulled over to the side of the road, as an officer approaches the scene.

While some of us had assumed that the officer had a bone to pick with our favourite superhero, Stephen Lawrence who plays Ontario's Batman had a very simple explanation when the CBC asked why the officer wanted to speak to him. They just wanted to take a photo. 

Via Reddit

Lawrence also mentioned that this isn't the first time these kinds of run-ins with police have happened. "I don't want to get the officer into any trouble at all because they do get excited when they see something unusual," he told the CBC

In the video, you can see him hop out of the Batmobile and begin talking to the officer. Lawrence said he asked what was wrong right before the OPP officer asked for the picture. 

It's nice to see that while Batman may not have always had a good relationship with Gotham police, Ontarians have a good local hero who is friendly with all. 

Keep your eyes peeled to see Lawrence as he travels across the province portraying the caped crusader and keeping everyone safe from evil. 

Source: CBC