We Went On A Date At Toronto’s Pop-Up Igloos (VIDEO)

An immersive igloo experience!
Toronto's Igloo Dinner Lets You Stargaze While You Eat Dinner & Sip Champagne

There's nothing like enjoying the magic of winter and the falling snow while being safely tucked away from the elements and dinner inside an igloo delivers just that. Toronto's igloo dinner experience allows you to safely eat inside a magical igloo bubble in the GTA. 

Something about an igloo is just so Canadian. Maybe it's because some people still think we all live in igloos up here? Maybe it's the magical feeling of being securely encased in a protective bubble that will fend off the cold air and falling snow? Who knows.

But what we do know is that eating inside of an igloo has definitely become a trend across Canada and it doesn't look like this winter will be any different.

Take the new igloo dining experience at Toronto's InterContinental Hotel in Yorkville.

They've got three unique igloos, each with its own theme, that will let you dine within a cozy and private little bubble. They've also got two menu offerings as well as options for vegans and vegetarians, which will all be available until March 31, 2020.

The Proof's Pearl Igloo Experience is in collaboration with Moet Chandon and marks the 30th anniversary which the hotel will celebrate next year.

The other two igloos are themed Fire and Ice, respectively, where you can also enjoy a meal or just sip on a cocktail in a super unique space.

WHAT: Pop-up igloo dining experience at Toronto's InterContinental hotel

WHERE: 220 Bloor Street West, Toronto, ON

WHY: Get cozy in an igloo-style dome that lets you enjoy the magic of winter without the cold!