What FRIENDS Would Look Like If It Was In Toronto

Don't lie, everyone's life would be better if Gunther moved to the 6ix.
What FRIENDS Would Look Like If It Was In Toronto

The only way I could even try to describe FRIENDS would be saying it's like getting a hug from a your mom (comforting), looking into a puppy's eyes (adorable), or seeing someone fall on the street (hilarious, and, sadly, completely relatable). For me FRIENDS was the OG binge TV series to watch. Not just when it came out on Netflix only a year ago, I'm talking old school DVD player, season a day on the lazy boy type of binge. Who didn't want a cute, spacious, yet ridiculously affordable apartment next to their best friends? We all imagined which one of our friends would be what character, and we all put ourselves into the ridiculously interesting yet normal lives they lived. So obviously I needed to continue to live through them and write what their lives would be like if they were in the always bustling place I call home, the 6ix.

1. Rachel and Monica would live in Liberty Village

It's a trendy area packed with Condos, coffee shops, people who will forever dress better than you and is the perfect place to the pair to snag a place to live. Even though Rachel would have to plan some extra travel time when she ran away from her wedding to get there on the 504, having Joey and Chandler as neighbors is definitely worth the crowds.

2. Balzacs Coffee would be their new Central Perk

Okay, so there's no iconic couch, but this iconic coffee shop has become a staple for the writers taking themselves too seriously, stressed students and wannabe coffee "artisans" in Toronto; making it the perfect place for a millennial crew to hide from the real world and light up their lives from the Gunther's freshly dyed hair.

3. Phoebes go to hangout would be Kensington Market

Whatever they were feeding the infamous smelly cat, she would probably find the answer here. A mix of artists, people who think their artsy by taking photos with lattes that aren't grande sized, and never ending vintage stores makes this the perfect place for Phoebe to......well do whatever Phoebe does. "I just have this really strong feeling that this cat is my mother!"

4. Chandler would work at Bay and Adelaide

Who really knows what they do down there? Banking? Transponding? Let's be real no one ever knew what Chandler did, but we know he'd be right at home with all the other people in pretending to be comfortable in their suits. "All right, kids, I gotta get to work. If I don’t input those numbers… it doesn’t make much of a difference." - Chandler

5. Joey's Second home would be the Entertainment District

Along with the classic, "How you doin'?" Joey would definitely be that guy who can smooth talk his way into any club, buy you bottle service (then charge it to Chandler's card) and claim to be in Drake's entourage. You'dDefinitely hear Joey dropping this line at these Bucketlist Bars. Just don't expect it to be before he has dinner with his Mom and seven sisters in Little Italy.

6. Monica would be a chef in Yorkville

After her fake boob singing diner gig she'd move to the area of overpriced gourmet food, rich people who have better style than your Pinterest board and aspiring Yorkville couples just trying to fit in. Control freak Monica would love the challenge of being the ultimate hostess. But when her staff turn against her and write "quit bitch" on her chef hat, she'dDefinitely turn to one of these beautiful restaurants. better than her fake boob singing dinner gig am I right?)

7. Ross Would Have Definitely Tried All these Dating Apps for Torontonians

We all had a crush on Ross, he's the ultimate good guy we're all rooted for while we silently cringed at his awkwardness. When Rachel was with Paulo, her foreign love in season one, you know he would have resorted to these apps. Don't worry Ross, we still love you.

8. Rachel would work at Holt Renfrew, duh

It's the largest luxury retailer North of Bloomingdales, so obviously we we'd find Rachel making it in the "real world" working here. Chanel, Bobbi Brown, Prada....Rachel knows what all Toronto girls know; fake it till you make it.

9. Ugly Naked Guy = Your Last Tinder Hook Up

"It's Ugly Naked Guy trying to make you breakfast!" You think Sunday morning after a night of bottle service at Uniun. Definitely not the kind of views you were hoping for.

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