Having A Sugar Daddy: 2 Toronto Girls Answer All The Questions You're Afraid To Ask

So, what's your monthly allowance?
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Having A Sugar Daddy: 2 Toronto Girls Answer All The Questions You're Afraid To Ask

The Sugar Baby lifestyle is definitely not for everyone, but after speaking with a couple women (whom I might add are both extremely confident, intelligent, and driven young ladies) about their experiences, I have a whole new outlook on the concept.

So for those of you who have no clue what I'm talking about, I'll do my best to bring you up to speed. Seekingarrangments.com defines the concept of  "Sugaring" as "Sugar Babies enjoy a life of luxury by being pampered with fine dinners, exotic trips and allowances. In turn, Sugar Daddies or Mommas find beautiful members to accompany them at all times".  The website also strongly reinforces the fact that each member's privacy and safety is of utmost importance.

Pampering comes in all forms, and the women I spoke with gave me a few examples of what it looked like in each of their relationships.  For one sugar baby pampering included a Lincoln town car service at her disposal, $500.00 shopping sprees at the Eaton Center, countless dinners,  amazing seats at Jays/Leafs/Raptor's games etc.  And for the second sugar baby, her perks included having living expenses paid for, NFL tickets, and lots of spending money.  Both girls were also offered multiple vacations on a few occasions.

The thing I find the most interesting about the sugar baby/sugar daddy lifestyle is that for the most part, they aren't actually relationships.  These situations are often treated more like business partnerships.  Sure, sometimes romance is involved and with that comes intimacy, but a lot of the times these relationships are purely for companionship, not sex.  Here are some of the questions I got answered after speaking with two Toronto sugar babies...

For the privacy of everyone involved, I'm going to refer to the ladies at SB1 and SB2.  Here is everything they told me about being a sugar baby in Toronto!

How did you meet your sugar daddy?


SB2: A Toronto wine bar.

Where did you have your first date with your Sugar Daddy?

SB1: We went to the Drake 150!

SB2: We went to the Thompson Rooftop.

How much was your monthly allowance?

SB1: Around $750.00 on top of dates.

SB2: I typically got $500 per date, so it largely depended on how many times I saw him.

What did you spend most of the money on?

SB1: A lot of it went to rent, sometimes I would buy me and my friends a bunch of drinks at the bar, and then of course clothing.

SB2: Mostly clothing!

How many times did you see them a month?

SB1: Maybe 3 or 4 times a month.

SB2: Roughly once a month.

What were the "conditions" of your relationship?

SB1: There really weren't any, it was very open.

SB2: I had a similar situation, we were allowed to see other people and there were no real "rules".

Did you ever end up falling for your sugar daddy?

SB1: No not romantically, but I still care about him as a person.

SB2: Not really.

Did you ever hook up with your sugar daddy?

SB1: I did, but it was never something that was expected of me. He never even brought it up, and when we did hook up it was totally organic.

SB2: No, I never hooked up with him.

What was the worst part?

SB1: Honestly that he was older, which sounds so stupid. It was also really hard not being able to fully explain it to my family as well.

SB2: We didn't really have any common ground or common interests, which definitely made things tough.

Did you ever introduce them to your family?

SB1: No, I told my parents that I was seeing a guy that was older, but I never specified his age. But my friends loved him, mainly because sometimes he was the funding behind girls night, but I was very open about it with my friends. I also told my sister about it, and she was nothing but supportive!

SB2: I had a similar situation, I just lied to my family about his age.

Do you regret it?

SB1: No, it was a really positive experience for me, and it was always on my terms.

SB2: No, mainly because I went in with the mentality that I was doing it for myself. I wasn't going into it looking for a connection, which I think is important.

I honestly don't think that this type of partnership is for me, but I can definitely say that these women have changed my views completely. Every sugaring experience is different, and it all depends on what you're comfortable with, but I think the main thing you should get out of this article is that a sugar daddy/sugar baby relationship is not the same as a romantic relationship.

Sugaring is valid, and just like any other relationship (romantic or not) you need to be in it because it makes YOU happy. And if your sugar daddy can't handle your independence, self-worth, or incredible drive, then BOY BYE.

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