Canada is one of the greatest countries in the world, but like all other Canadians, I struggle with it’s long winters and short summers. While this may be good news for the greater hockey-obsessed population, people will be mourning outdoors patios and pools for a few more weeks to come.

Since our Canadian summer is almost over, we know you must be scrambling to finish your hot weather-inspired bucket list. But don't worry, we're here to help: listed below are some activities to complete before the cold returns.

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Watch A Game At The Rogers Centre

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If you haven’t seen a Blue Jays game at the Rogers Centre yet, then your summer isn’t complete. Seriously, you don’t even need to know the rules of the sport; this place is the ultimate summer hangout either way.


Swim In The Pool At Lavelle

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Toronto has a lot of good rooftop pools, but Lavelle always seem to be put at the top of every single list. Which means it’s awesome.


Grab A Cone From Summer's Ice Cream

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There are plenty of places to get ice cream in the city, but this shop has the word summer in it, so you obviously have to visit this place before the season officially ends.


Get Something Fresh From The Leslieville Farmers Market

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If the Leslieville Farmers Market wasn’t a seasonal event, then it would probably put every restaurant out of business. Go check it out before the end of it’s annual run.


Attend A Concert At The Budweiser Stage

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I’m not going to lie, it hurt me a little writing Budweiser Stage instead of the Molson Canadian Amphitheatre, but regardless; this place is still the best concert venue in Toronto. A seasonal venue due to its outdoor stage, a summer in Toronto is never complete without attending a concert here.


Goat Yoga At Black Creek Pioneer Village

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Yoga is cool and all, but have you ever tried goat yoga? Yeah, me neither. But we still have time to get this done before the summer ends.


Go Paddle Boarding With East Of Six SUP

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Do you know what’s better than paddle boarding towards the sunset-lit skyline of Toronto? The answer to that is nothing. Nothing is better.


Host A Picnic At Trinity Bellwoods Park

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Trinity Bellwoods Park is the ultimate place to spend your summer, though you know what makes it even better? Bringing food with you.


Tour The City By Bike

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There are plenty of bike tours in the city that you can choose from, but usually the best route is one that make yourself when renting one from Bike Share Toronto.


Read A Book At The Rooster Coffee House Patio

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Rooster Coffee House is known for it’s coffee, but their views of Riverdale Park make for the perfect place to read a book on their outdoor patio.


Grab A Drink At The Porch

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The Porch is honestly the ultimate milestone of a millennial's Toronto experience. Sometimes I think people visit the city just so they can get those infamous patio photos with the CN tower in the back. Thing is, I’m one of those people. And you probably are, too.


Attend A Performance Of Shakespeare In High Park

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If you’re a little classier than the rowdy crowd at Budweiser Stage, then consider replacing your concert experience with Shakespeare in High Park. For the rest of the 2018 season, you can go catch a performance of “Romeo and Juliet” or “A Midsummer Night’s Dream."


Take A Hike Through Crothers Woods

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Crothers Woods is a beautiful scenic route, and while it can get even prettier during autumn, enjoying it in the summer ain’t so bad, either.


Win Something At The CNE

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An 18-day festival, The Canadian National Exhibition is one of those events where everyone stops what they’re doing so they're able to attend. But the food and rides aren’t the only draw-in; since winning a prize at the CNE is just as satisfying.


Spend The Afternoon At Sugar Beach

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We love beaches, but a beach with stunning blue water, white sand and pink umbrellas?! Yes please.


Attend Comedy At The Castle

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Yeah, that’s right. Every week, Casa Loma hosts a Just For Laughs comedy night. The last date is on August 29th, so check it out quick!