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What To Watch On Canadian Netflix In October 2014

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What To Watch On Canadian Netflix In October 2014

Gilmore Girls

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Beasts of The Southern Wild

Starring Oscar nominated darling Quvenzhané Wallis who became the youngest actress ever to receive a Best Actress nominee for her role in the film, Beasts of The Southern Wild is a story of fantasy. The drama follows a little girl named Hushpuppy (Wallis) who lives in a decrepit pocket of homes in the Mississippi Delta with her father. It is worth seeing for the performance of this brilliant 9 year old alone.

Nymphomaniac: Volumes I & II

Available as of October 6th, starring Uma Thurman and Stellan Skarsgard, this two part epic follows a self-diagnosed nymphomaniac who shares all of her stories with a man who saves her life when he keeps her from being beaten in an alley.

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

With all the chatter lately about the third installment of the franchise, The Hunger Games: Mockingjay hitting theatres on November 21st and the recent buzz surrounding the soundtrack October is a great time to catch fire (pun totally intended). Stream the second installment, which follows Katniss Everdeen after her triumph in the Hunger Games as she travels on a 'Victor's Tour.'

Almost Famous

The story of William Miller, a high school student who in the early 1970s gets the chance to write about the band Stillwater for Rolling Stone magazine while accompanying them on a cross-country tour. First of all, it is impossible, even after all these years to accept how lucky Will was. Second of all, the film is somewhat a true story as it is based off the young life of the director, Cameron Crowe, who wrote for Rolling Stone as a teenager- freakin' eh. It took home Best Original Screenplay at the Oscars in 2000 and has gone down in history as a classic!

America's Funniest Home Videos, Season 21

A household classic, the 21st season of America's Funniest Home Videos hits Netflix for your viewing pleasure this October. This long-running comedy series, that may out live some of us, is a comedic break from your life that allows you the pleasure of watching other people mess up and then try to exploit it for money, awesome!

Vampire Diaries, Season 5

Starring the handsome Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesley alongside our very own Canadian sweetheart, Nina Dobrev, the fifth installment of this young adult drama is available as of October 1st. You can watch Stefan and Damon fight for Elena's love and attention over and over again. Who doesn't love a little teenage vampire action?

Wyatt Cenac: Brooklyn

Available as of October 21sth, Wyatt Cenac, an actor and writer known primarily for his work on 'The Daily Show' shares his experiences and observations about his home borough of NYC. He shares all kinds of different stories ranging from adults giving each other hickeys to how he feels about watching the neighbourhood where his grandmother lived for years turn into a backdrop for at least three different network sitcoms, a cop drama and a reality show. Live from Brooklyn's Union Hall, in an intimate setting, Cenac provides a really cool new outlook on Brooklyn.


Available as of October 24th, for the documentary lover- this netflix original stars Anna Neistat, Ole Solvang, Peter Bouckaert and Fred Abrahams who are some fierce intrepid human rights workers, we're talking next level. They give us insight into their daily lives at home as well as in their dramatic field of work. Their jobs, as members of the Emergencies Team, call for them to arrive on the scene very quickly after any allegations of human rights abuse so that they can investigate, document and report in order to get the world in the know about these issues. Pretty Bad Ass.

Under The Skin

Available as of October 29th, Scarlett Johansson plays a seductive alien who roams the streets of Glasgow in search of her next conquest. This science-fiction, thriller was also labeled as an art film and was met with varying reviews but we love a good movie debacle and we don't hate Scarlett Johanssen in her underwear - so we're okay with weird.

The Face of Love

Available October 13th, starring the late Robin Williams, The Face of Love screened at TIFF last year and was met with warm reception. Also starring, Annette Bening and Ed Harris, it is the story of Nikki, played by Bening, a recent widow who comes to terms with a life alone until she meets Tom who is a spitting image of her late husband, Garrett (both played by Ed Harris). Eventually the question is raised, does she love Tom or does she just love what he reminds her of? Watch & find out, duh!

Snoop Dogg Presents The Bad Girls of Comedy

Available as of October 8th, the title very much gives this much away. Snoop Dogg, apparently an expert in comedy, hand picks and delivers us his favourite veteran funny ladies. They all seem to have been picked for the comedy special due to their Bad Bitch girl perspectives on life, which they deliver in the rawest and truest of forms.

Real Husbands of Hollywood, Season 2

If you need a reason to watch Kevin Hart do anything- you are a sad sad man. The hilarious comic and other real-life husbands of Hollywood, including Nelly and Nick Cannon poke fun at their lives by playing fictionalized versions of themselves in this seriously funny reality-show satire.

Bar Rescue, Season 2

Jon Taffer is the freakin' man! If you've never watched this Spike show you are missing out and you need to change that ASAP. Expert bar consultant Jon Taffer infiltrates local bars and restaurants that are hard core suffering and puts the happy back in their happy hour but not before he rips them a new one on national television. To quote his very best catch phrase; He doesn't embrace excuses, he embraces solutions.

Chelsea Handler: Uganda Be Kidding Me

In August, Chelsea Handler said goodbye to her late night talkshow in favour of a new deal with netflix that will include four documentary specials throughout 2015 and a full time talk show in 2016, the first of its kind for the streaming site. But first! She makes her Netflix debut on October 10th with her comedy special 'Chelsea Handler: Uganda be Kidding me," based off the same title of her latest book. Using personal photos and unedited, unapologetic retellings of her travels as well as unauthorized tales about the people in her life in addition to offering up opinions on things such as dolphin rape and sexual expectations.

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