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What Toronto Commuters Need To Know About Today’s TTC And Presto Changes

TTC and Presto fare hikes, as well as changes to Toronto's transit passes, take effect on April 1st.

Toronto transit users can expect TTC fares to increase today. Starting April 1st, TTC fares will be going up by 10 cents for most transit users.  Presto regular adult fare will be jumping from $3.00 to $3.10 starting today, and the cost of a monthly TTC pass will increase by $4.90 to $151.15. 

12-Month Passes will go up by $4.55 per month, and post-secondary, senior, and student monthly passes are increasing by $5.70 per month.

Cash and Presto fares for seniors and youth are also increasing by 10 cents per trip.  For youth and seniors, the discounted cash fare will be $2.20, and the Presto fare will be $2.15.

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The adult cash fare will not be affected by the fare increase, remaining at $3.25.

As of yesterday, Sunday, March 31st, the TTC has discontinued the Weekly Pass.  As a result, customers will either have to pay their fares as they go or purchase a TTC monthly pass, available for sale from the last 12 days of the month until eight days into the following month. The TTC's website notes that if customers pay their single fare using a Presto card, they will be eligible to take advantage of the two-hour transfer.

The fare hikes were approved back in January by the TTC board, and will enable the TTC to earn an additional $26 million, which the TTC claims it needs to "preserve recent service improvements."

Today's fare increase is the TTC's first since 2017. According to the TTC, the increases over the past two years are still below the rate of inflation.  A full schedule of fare increases is available on the TTC’s website.

For the most part, Torontonians are less than thrilled with having to pay more out-of-pocket to ride the rocket. Take a look at what some of Toronto's transit riders have to say on the matter:

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this is ridiculous. i bet the $0.10 TTC fare increase is gonna hit folks a lot harder than this $0.044 gas price increase. #onpoli #topoli pic.twitter.com/9m0DSzfaDW

April 1, 2019

#ttcfarehike @TTChelps @JohnTory @CP24 left home 5min late than usual. Arrived office 10min earlier than usual. Why? Cuz I took @BikeShareTO instead #ttc. viewable service upgrade before fare hikes. Cut your salary first. no reasons we cover your pay. #boycotttc

April 1, 2019

I am salty about this TTC fare increase, just FYI.

April 1, 2019

Another #ttc fare increase- no joke. And it’s big. #timetowalktowork #thinkaboutthoseofuswithoutcarsforachange #fordsgottago https://t.co/UBPD3KCGMP

April 1, 2019

TTC stays raising fare prices and it’s a concept I’ll never understand. The service has not changed or improved, always something delayed or out of service, the drivers are still rude as hell & there ain’t even enough damn seats!

April 1, 2019