So long, 2010s. With a new decade on the horizon, Torontonians have already started making their predictions for what will happen in 2020. The predictions are varied and, we're warning you, things get pretty real pretty fast.

The 6ix has already seen so many developments throughout the years when it comes to the likes of infrastructure, population growth, and overall accomplishments of the city.

Even in the past 12 months alone, lots has changed around the 6ix. New buildings, establishments closing down, new projects around the city.

Oh, and don't forget the Raptors bringing a first NBA championship to Canada, of course.

See also the meteoric rise of tennis star Bianca Andreescu for how much can happen in the space of a year.

Now for 2020, we're not sure exactly what to expect. But it seems there are some people on Reddit who have some ideas of what may be in store for Toronto.

In response to a Reddit post asking for people's predictions as the next decade begins, Torontonians gave their verdict.

Transit in the city has been a hot topic for years now and some people are hoping to see a change or upgrade to the systems already in place, as well as looking ahead to new introductions.

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"People will still be complaining about the state of transit," reads one comment. Sounds about right.

Meanwhile, another Redditor is not particularly optimistic about the progress of the project to revitalize Toronto's Union Station.

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The biggest debate, though, came around housing and renting in Toronto.

There are some hopeful people that believe the housing "bubble" could burst next year and rental prices could decrease significantly.

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2001 pricing? Whether or not that was a joke, we could only dream.

In stark contrast, another commenter instead ominously says: "Housing prices will continue to climb. We will think 2019 prices are/were cheap.

"Millennials will continue to be f*****. Renting will be the norm and ownership will be a long-forgotten dream." 

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This Redditor probably summed up the house-price debate best, though, predicting: "10 more years of people saying the 'housing bubble will burst any day now'."

When it comes to sports, meanwhile, fans also had their say.

One Redditor seems sure the Toronto Blue Jays will experience more success than the Maple Leafs, adding that "you can take that to the bank."

They also tipped the 6ix for an NFL team, which is certainly an interesting thought.

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That suggestion itself sparked varied responses.

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Other predictions include pedestrian safety declining and cell phone plan rates increasing.

The majority of the comments, though, are hoping for better transit and housing across the board.

It is certainly not easy to predict what is in store for the 6ix as we enter a new decade. It seems Torontonians are looking for a change, but aren't that hopeful about it.

The full discussion can be seen and joined here.

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