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What Your Next Summer Drink Should Be Based On Where You Live In Toronto

A cocktail for every neighbourhood.
What Your Next Summer Drink Should Be Based On Where You Live In Toronto

From balcony sips to patio Aperol Spritz, summer drinks have a very specific list of requirements: they must be cool, they must be refreshing, and they must give us that ah, this is the life feeling we've been waiting for all winter.

But what's the best summer drink? Is it a classic cocktail or just a simple can of beer? Can't choose? We've got you covered.

Whether you're living it up in trendy Kensington Market or enjoying the beach-bum life in the Beaches, there's a drink to match your neighbourhood. From craft beers and trendy spritzers to ciders with a twist, here's what you should be drinking this summer:

If you live in Kensington Market, try out hard iced teas

Nowhere quite compares to Kensington Market on a warm summer's day. It's cool, colourful, and different — just like a spiked iced tea. If you live in Kensington Market, get your hands on hard iced teas this summer, like American Vintage Unsweetened Peach, Snapple Spiked Sparkling Lemon Tea, or Arizona Hard Green Tea with Ginseng & Honey.

If you live in Liberty Village, enjoy a canned gin soda this summer

An endless supply of trendy cafes, great shopping, and booming bars make Liberty Village one of Toronto's most lively neighbourhoods, so it makes sense you'd pair it with something just as exciting, like a canned gin soda. Try one of LCBO's top-selling canned cocktails, Gordon's Gin & Soda, Gin & Sonic Cucumber Lime, Good Sunday Dry Gin Soda Grapefruit, or the low-sugar Collective Arts Artisanal Gin Lemon & Thyme Soda.

If you live in Leslieville, get your hands on some warm-weather brews

Seen by many as Toronto's hippest place to eat and grab a drink, this east-end neighbourhood knows how to keep up with the times. Stay in the loop when it comes to brews by indulging in new tart sours and juicy IPAs such as Anderson Craft Ales Juicy IPA, Great Lakes Brewery HazeMama, or Waterloo Pineapple Radler, bursting with juicy pineapple flavour and a hint of coconut.

If you live in the Entertainment District, try cider with a twist

The Entertainment District is fun, loud, and a little crazy — perfectly matched with ciders with a twist. Try something different like D'Ont Poke The Bear Berry Cider, Growers Rose Cider, Pommies Mimosa Cider, Thornbury Village Honeycrisp Apple Cider, or Pombucha, a perfect harmony of cider and kombucha.

If you live in West Queen West, try fizz-free cocktails

West Queen West is the epicentre of Toronto cool. The bars here serve up some of the city's chicest cocktails, so why not take those classy vibes home with you? If you're willing to leave the fancy drinks to the pros on Queen Street, try Canada's first fizz-free cocktails: Cottage Springs Raspberry Lime Vodka Water or Cottage Springs Strawberry Kiwi Vodka Water.

If you live in the Annex, sip on some wine in a can

If you're a young professional or student living in the Annex who can't quite afford the neighbouring luxury boutiques and haute cuisine on Bloor Street, you can still have a good and (sort of) classy time with wine in a can. Don't knock it 'til you try it — canned wine is trendy thanks to its convenience, portability, and single-serve size. Let's not forget that it also chills much faster than glass alternatives. Try Babe Grigio With Bubbles, Joiy Savvy Society Sauvignon Blanc, or Stel + Mar Premium White Wine.

If you live near Ossington, get a spritzer with modern ingredients

Want to know what modern Toronto is all about? Well, Ossington holds all its secrets. If you live on or near this trendy avenue, try a spritzer. With modern ingredients like hibiscus and coconut water, these new light-bodied spritzers are the ultimate summer drink — no mixing required. You can check out Gaze Coconut Water Moscato Chardonnay Wine Cocktail, Good Fortune Raspberry Hibiscus Sparkling Wine Beverage, Good Vines White Wine Spritz, or Spritzd Pinot Grigio Wine Spritzer.

If you live in the Beaches, refresh with lemonades

The Beaches is the sort of relaxed neighbourhood that makes you forget that you're in the city. Its small-town vibe makes it a top summer destination, drawing locals and tourists to its quaint boardwalk, sandy beaches, and vibrant Queen Street East strip. If you live here, you probably enjoy the beach-bum lifestyle and should recharge this summer with a cool, refreshing lemonade. Try Ontario's own organic Well Hibiscus Infused Lemonade or Rilli Brilli Pink Lemonade Rose for a laid-back weekend.

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