Sweet summer, it never stays with us quite as long as we might like but it is undoubtedly so near and dear to our heart that we give it its own soundtrack. Leading the soundtrack is the 'chosen one', that is what we, the people, dub to be the song of the summer.

Debate over what that song of the summer will be this go around seems to be at an all time high right now. Everyone has their go-to summer day, cruising with the windows down, anthem but what does your choice say about you? We went ahead and made some generalizations.


'Trap Queen' - Fetty Wap


You tend to be a bit more of a follower than a leader when it comes to trends. This song actually dates back to about a year ago but only started getting radio play this summer which puts it amongst the top contenders for your SOTS. Chances are you have/are a trap queen or you're looking to lock one down. We're not mad at it, do you boo, do you.

'Can't Feel My Face' - The Weeknd


You're not the most sober or prude of your friends. If you know what this song is about (hopefully you know what this song is about) you're snickering while you're more wholesome friends prefer it because 'it sounds like Michael Jackson.'

'The Night Is Still Young' - Nicki Minaj


You're probably just an all around Nicki Minaj supporter because this is not her greatest jam but she can do no wrong in your mind. You likely frequent Cabana or spend most, if not all, of your days outside tanning and just like to hit shuffle on your summer playlist with minimal work or hassle.

'My Way' (Remix) - Fetty Wap ft Drake


As if 'Trap Queen' wasn't enough, Fetty Wap is making the rounds of the city with this one as well. If any artist wants to be an immediate contender for song of the summer in Toronto the formula is easy; throw a Drake verse on there. If this is your pick for song of the summer chances are you're new (ish) to Toronto and just really vibing on any song that Drake lends his talents too.

'Cool For The Summer' - Demi Lovato


Chances are this is your secret pick for song of the summer. You can't deny its catchy beats but you're not about to announce from the rooftops how into it you are. When it comes on the radio you roll up all of your windows and opt for the air conditioning instead so that no one can hear you shouting along.

'Bad Blood' - Taylor Swift


You aren't hard to please. Some may say you're a basic bitch simple kind of music listener. Let's be real, Taylor's lyrics on this song aren't ground breaking or at all clever, case in point: 'now we got problems, I don't think we can solve them'. Add in a couple solid verses from Kendrick Lamar, a rapper you probably never heard of before this song and it was a done deal for you.

'Cheerleader' - Omi


Your moms pick for song of the summer. Normal people are already sick of hearing this on the radio despite its island vibes and good summer feels. Omi, please don't be a one hit wonder and try us again next summer.

'Where Are Ü Now' - Skrillex and Diplo ft. Justin Bieber


You're a low key belieber whether you want to admit it or not and you've secretly been rooting for the Biebs to make it out of his 'troubled' phase. You can chalk it up to being really into Skrillex and/or Diplo but you're not fooling anyone. This song would not have been quite as good or catchy if it weren't for that little guy, just admit it.

'Hey Mama' - David Guetta ft. Nicki Minaj, Bebe Rexha & Afrojack


You definitely love to party or sprint on a treadmill. This is a song that makes it pretty damn hard to sit still. There is no possible way that this is your SOTS if you're someone who likes quiet walks through nature and reading hard-hitting crime novels in your spare time. You're a good time.

'I Know There's Gonna Be (Good Times)' - Jamie xx ft. Young Thug & Popcaan

You're not a fan of the obvious. You prefer things a little less mainstream and are often the first in your group of friends to hit them up with new music suggestions. Clearly this song isn't getting the most radio play in the city but it's definitely a banger worth recommending to your friends, although it might be a little too cool for them.