What It's Like To Be A Toronto Playboy Model

Smart and seductive.
What It's Like To Be A Toronto Playboy Model

Torontonians have an enormous amount of talent. Their dedication, confidence, and perseverance push them to strive on a daily basis. This is definitely something to be proud of for our city!

Kara Lina is a self-proclaimed PlayMate model that has established herself on an international scale. She's got the smarts, good looks and confidence (there's nothing sexier than that.) We had the opportunity to get personal with Kara Lina and here are some things she had to say:

1.How did you begin your career in this industry?

When I was 15 years old, I got involved with some promo modeling companies. As I would be working the promo jobs, photographers kept approaching me to do photoshoots. After building my portfolio, a lot of agencies and paying clients started noticing me. From there it just kind of took off. Each year kept getting busier and busier. Finally I ended up doing it as a full time job.

2. When did you start working for Playboy?

I started working for playboy last year. A girlfriend of mine has been an established playboy model for a long time so she suggested I do it so we can travel the world together. She put me in contact with a few international Playboy magazines and now here I am.

3. What are some of the hardships you have faced in your field of work?

A lot of fakes in this industry that promise you the world and get your hopes up only to use that to get close to you for personal gain. Also I lost many of my long term friendships as some people weren't happy for my recent success, so that turned them into frenemies.

4. What are some of your interests?

I love to travel obviously lol! Traveling makes 80% of my job , so when I'm away I always love to explore different cities and cultures. Fast cars is another passion of mine, there's just something inside me that has a need for speed ?. Guns only for recreational use ! Me and my best friend go to the gun range regularly. There is just something hot about holding a lethal weapon in your hand and being the only person who can control it.

Photocred- @iamkaralina

5. You have a wonderful body, how do you keep in such great shape?

Honestly I don't even know just lucky genes I guess. I'm a big foodie and not a fan of the gym at all.

6. We noticed you do a lot of charity work. Can you elaborate on some of your contributions?

I am involved with Rally for Kids with cancer by Sick Kids hospital .This past year we did a Canadian tour by traveling around to different cities and doing a race in order to raise money for cancer research. We raised 1,027,500 this year in Vancouver alone!Other cities involved were Winnipeg, Muskoka and Toronto. I must thank Solutions with Impact Joel Hock and Bobby Genovese for allowing me to take part in this wonderful project. I also participated in the SPCA Fore for Pets charity celebrity golf tournament in Prince Albert this year.

7.Which celebrities have you met?

Haha I meet very successful actors, models, producers on a daily basis. We are all in the same industry and tend to attend the same events. Some of these people include Billy Baldwin , Rick Hoffman, Heather Moyse and Hill Harper. We all do charity work together.

8. Do you have any special talents?

Singing in the shower. No I'm kidding! Hmm... I'm a good writer. I've been thinking about writing my own book or movie script some day. Also I have a very creative mind and style. I come up with themes for most of my own shoots. I'm pretty good at makeup as well. I do 90% of my own makeup for photoshoots as you always know your own face better. Oh, and I'm quite skilled in the kitchen!

9. Who is your greatest Mentor?

My mom is my biggest inspiration . I'm sure in the beginning of this journey was not easy for her to accept what I chose to do with my career, but she stood by me every step of the way and continually supports me in my achievements. Love you mom you're always #1.

10. What advice can you give to the ladies who wish to be a Playmate?

Do not do it if you don't have thick skin. The job comes with a lot of judgment and attention, some being good and some not so much. Also if you are going to take the title do something positive with it. Get involved in your community or join a foundation of your interest. It is important to give back and be grateful for all the success because as it easily comes it can be taken away. Don't ever forget that.

Kara Lina is a featured model with @maximeventsca for the upcoming NBA All Star Weekend Party happening in Toronto February 12th -February 14th.