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Where To Eat In Toronto: The Best Places Right Now

Arrive with an empty stomach!

Toronto constantly has new restaurants popping up across the city and it can be hard to keep track of what new spot is worth checking out. Luckily, these 11 places have been shortlisted for you to prioritize next time you want to test out a new restaurant in the city:

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Chop Chop // 771 Dundas St W 

Chop Chop is new to the scene but is already attracting some major attention. The family run spot in Trinity Bellwoods has an awesome bright and modern space with tons of natural light and is perfect if you are looking for some killer Chinese food. From pork and chive dumplings to braised beef noodle soup, if you are looking for classic Chinese done well, this is the place to go.

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Madame Boeuf // 252 Dupont St 

If you're looking for a new burger joint, Madame Boeuf is a must-visit. The venue itself is enough reason to go with one of the most unique setups I've ever seen in the city. The outdoor spot doubles as a flea market with tons of available seating, hacky sack lanes and eccentric decor that would please anyone's eye. The menu offers cheat day worthy banquet burgers as well as classic cheese fries. If you are looking to go a little further than the typical burger, the 'Eponymous Burger' with mushroom and Roquefort is a must try!

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Cafe Cancan // 89 Harbord St 

Prepare to swoon over the Parisian inspired decor that is a pastel lover's dream! This adorable french bistro's walls are pastel pink with wall moldings and mirrors that compliment the tiffany blue booth seats in the venue. The quaint spot screams novelty and the design of the restaurant itself is enough reason to visit. In regards to the food, the kitchen serves French inspired eats with a perfect backdrop that will make you feel like you are in Paris! Pair the classic French food with a glass of champagne and you've got yourself the perfect brunch spot.

Mister Frenchy // 675 Danforth Ave 

This spot was created after the two owners arrived to the city and realized there was nowhere to satisfy their french street food craving. Soon after, Mister Frenchy was born in The Danforth and is dedicated to bringing authentic French-Mexican fusion street food to the city. While the team is dedicated to bringing classics like Croque Monsieurs to your plate, they also include other originals such as french tacos and Roulé.

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The Drake Commissary // 128 Sterling Rd. 

The Drake Hotel's new venture is predictably attracting a lot of people. The spot specializes in charcuterie boards, breads, pizzas and pastries if you are looking for a quick lunch. If you've got time to sit down they have items like jerk chicken and in house made pasta that you can enjoy on the patio! The venue has the same kind of eccentric yet classic design that both The Drake and The Drake General Store boast.

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Kiin // 336 Adelaide St W 

This new thai restaurant in the Entertainment District is serving some pretty unique items. Inspired by Thai techniques, all of the menu items are based off of areas across Thailand. The food itself looks like art with the way it is prepared to look like flowers, so if you do make a visit, bring your camera! From Khao Yum to Mieng Pla, prepare for your taste buds to travel to Thailand during your visit!

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Juan Gonzalez Taqueria // 811 Queen St W 

If you've been needing a new taco place to put into rotation with Wilbur and Grand Electric, Juan Gonzalez is the place. The new Taqueria offers home made tacos with the typical menu staples like pork carnitas but also offer more unique options like their 'Soy-rizo Raco' and an eggplant taco! If you are pining for a killer insta before you eat, this place offers that as well with a massive neon sign taking up one of the walls to compliment your plate of tacos!

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Chimac Pub & Fried Chicken // 500 Queen St W

This new spot in Queen West has been slammed with people wanting to try the Korean styled fried chicken the restaurant specializes in. Whether you want to stick with regular classic chicken or venture into choosing options like Alfredo or Garlic chicken, you are sure to enjoy your meal. The venue hosts tons of different flavours with the same incredible fried chicken base that has been attracting hundreds!

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Jackpot Chicken Rice // 318 Spadina Ave 

This new space has some amazing decor and amazing food to match! The spot specializes in schmaltz-fried rice and sizzling plates. A classic food but the spot does it well with generous servings and flavour. The cocktail menu is another star of the venue with a generous list of fun drinks to accompany your meal!

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Estia // 90 Avenue Rd 

This Greek inspired restaurant aims to celebrate the flavours and dishes of Greece, Southern Italy and Spain through fresh and local ingredients as well as innovative ideas. The restaurant encourages family styled sharing with larger portions. If you visit, the seafood linguine and beef tartare are stand out items that really highlight how fresh the ingredients in the food are!

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GB Hand Pulled Noodles // 66 Edward St 

This newer spots offers massive portions of made to order noodles at a great price. While the Lanzhou-style beef noodles stand out amongst the other menu items, the venue lets you choose whichever thickness or style of noodle you want. Though the venue is on the smaller side, opt to arrive early rather than going during busy hours if you want to get a seat!

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Mayrik // 1580 Bayview Ave 

Mayrik is a brand new spot in the city that opens today for fans of Mediterranean food. The Lebanese restaurant offers a casual atmosphere and a menu completely inspired by traditional Lebanese cuisine.