Where To Get High And Do Yoga In Toronto

Bikram had nothing to do with it.
Where To Get High And Do Yoga In Toronto

Have you ever asked yourself, what could make yoga more relaxing? Owner of The House of Yoga/High Times, Pincini, has answered that question. Located at 714 Bloor St. West, is a wellness centre hosting Ganja Yoga.

Basically, the weed helps everyone relax, forget about their busy lives for 90 minutes and therefore reap the benefits of yoga that much more. Some might say, they're able to concentrate and isolate parts of their body on 'higher' level. It seems to be working, as the practice has been going strong since 2009 and is just getting more popular.

It may seem contradictory to be inhaling smoke while doing yoga to better yourself. But, Pincini explains that the use of vaporized hemp reduces the amount of unhealthy contaminants. The vaporizer heats the hemp but does not burn it.

The centre is strictly on a BYOM (bring your own marijuana) bases. Nothing is sold, distributed or kept on the premises. Under the narcotics act, it is illegal to be in possession of the drug without a prescription. This is countered with a privacy law, this prevents anyone to ask about medical records.

The prices are pretty standard for a yoga class. 20$ for a drop in, package deals are available. Yoga teacher Lu Pancini, starts her ganja class with a breathing exercise using a vaporizer.

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