There are so many neighbourhoods to reside in Toronto, how do you choose where to live? In this article, we will resort to the stars for an answer and match individual personalities to the characteristics of each Toronto neighbourhood to help you decide where you should be moving to next:

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1. Capricorn // King West.

Capricorns love being around people, therefore they need a lively neighbourhood. Pack up your bags and move to King West! The entertainment district will never have the goats bored because there's always something to do in this neighbourhood. The copious amount of restaurants, lounges and clubs will allow a Capricorn to live a happy life!

 2. Aquarius // Queen West.

This zodiac sign is very imaginative, has a strong personality and is very curious. An Aquarius would fit right in Queen West. They're humanitarians at heart, therefore they'd love to experience the unique things this neighbourhood has to offer. Unlimited shopping, Graffiti Alley, tattoo shops, antique stores... The list can go on and on.

3. Pisces // Lakeshore

Of course the fish need to live by water. Pisces are dreamers, therefore residing on Lakeshore will provide the perfect environment for them to relax, reflect on life and set future goals. They'll go for walks to admire the breathtaking views of Lake Ontario.

4. Aries // The Harbourfront

The Harbourfront would be a suitable neighbourhood for Aries, as they are one of the most active signs in the zodiac. This area is the home to many festivals, has biking paths and access to the ferry to the Toronto Islands.

5. Taurus // Financial District

Tauruses are very ambitious and independent people. Their main priority is to be successful and make money, therefore they should live in the Financial District. They'll work hard and play hard, in order to fulfill their materialistic pleasures and desires in life.

6. Gemini // Distillery District

Geminis are very energetic and have an adaptable personality, meaning they can live anywhere in the downtown core of Toronto. Whether they choose to live in the Distillery District, near St.Lawrence Market or China Town.

7. Cancer // Riverdale

Cancers are very down to earth and tamed individuals. Riverdale is home to many cute cafes, Toronto's Opera House and multiple laid back venues, therefore it would be the perfect neighbourhood for them to reside in. There are plenty of art galleries, parks and homes designed to suit a Cancer's personality.

8. Leo // Little Italy

Leos would like living in Little Italy (College St.W) because this neighbourhood is filled with spirit and life, just like Leo's personality. They'll love eating delicious Italian cuisine, socializing with friendly people and exploring the culture in the community. Leos love being around people and prefer not to be alone, therefore Little Italy would be the perfect neighbourhood for them to reside in.

9. Virgo // GTA

Virgos would rather be in a more secluded area because they're independent and follow a daily routine. They don't need to be around people in order to be happy, therefore they could reside outside of Toronto, perhaps in Richmond Hill, Markham or North York.

10. Libra // Yorkville

Libras enjoy being around people and admire loveliness in all form. They would perfectly fit in Toronto's chic neighbourhood Yorkville, with a variety of boutique shops and restaurants to see and be seen. They'll chat up with Toronto's elite and make the ultimate connections in no time.

11. Scorpio // Rosedale

If anyone could live in Toronto's wealthiest neighbourhood it would be a Scorpio because they'll always work hard in order to get what they want and be able to afford a home in Rosedale. Their determination and goal oriented personality will not only add big numbers to their bank account, but also provide a luxurious home in no time.

12. Sagittarius // Liberty Village

Liberty Village is the home to many young professionals. A Sagittarius would enjoy living in this neighbourhood because their open mind and outstanding social skills will correspond with the livelihood of Liberty Village.

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