The Raptors had to take on the Warriors in six games and it's been an intense ride. While they inevitably won and took home the NBA championship title for the first time ever, this doesn't mean people think it's going to happen again. Which NBA team has the highest chances of winning the finals next year in 2020? According to the odds, people don't think it'll be the Raptors again. Not only this, but people are also not betting on the Raptors to win the NBA finals next year.

According to Bar Down, the odds for who will win the NBA finals in the 2019-2020 season are in and it’s not looking good for the Raptors. Despite their historic win last night that has Canadians celebrating, it looks like people do not think they have the highest chance of winning the title again next year. 

Bar Down has noted that people were hesitant to vote for the Raptors as next year's winner due to them possibly losing Kawhi as a player. People are worried that should Kawhi go to the Clippers, who are actively pursuing him, then that could change the outcome of the games drastically.

The Bleacher Report is stating that the team with the highest odds of winning is actually the Los Angeles Lakers. According to the official NBA website, the Lakers have 9/2 odds.

The NBA has stated that the Lakers have claimed the top spot due to trade talks with New Orleans to land Anthony Davis.

Followed closely behind the Lakers are the Milwaukee Bucks and the LA Clippers who are confirmed to be a popular destination for potential free agents this off season. Both the Bucks and the Clippers have 6/1 odds.

The Raptors are currently placed at 10/1 odds, which is the fifth best in the league. 

In a different odds report posted by Bleacher Report, the Raptors come in at fourth place with +800 betting odds. On this list, the Lakers are again at number one with +400 betting odds.

No matter who is analyzing it, it seems as though the Raptors are not predicted to be the winners of next year's basketball season. However, there is still time to prove them wrong! You never know, the Raptors may surprise everyone again and take home the championship for the second time next year!