Unless you live under a rock (or outside of the city), you have heard that last night a flash-flood hit Toronto. The slow-moving but exceptionally heavy storm ruined almost anything in its path. 

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While the heavy rain and flooding caused delays for both drivers and TTC commuters, many people had basements or condo parking garages flooding. 

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While one woman was exiting her flooded parking garage she caught a glimpse of someone trying to make the best of an already bad (but also soaking wet) situation. 

Luckily for us, she did happen to take a video while exiting the parking garage where you can see the unknown woman dressed in full mermaid attire in the middle of a themed photoshoot. 

While the city was flooding, some thought it was the perfect time for a mermaid photo shoot — #torontoflood #DOITFORTHEGRAM pic.twitter.com/JGhnkrHmVB

August 8, 2018

The video owner, Natalie Nanowski, who is a CBC journalist posted the video of the Toronto flood mermaid on Twitter. She is wearing a pink wig and can be seen twirling in a puddle of water while someone (we're hoping a friend) takes pictures of her. 

Everyone is obsessed with social media these days, so even Nanowski cleverly added the hashtag #DOITFORTHEGRAM to poke fun at the situation. The fact that this woman even thought about how a mermaid photo shoot would make good use of flood water is absolutely hilarious. 

Via Natalie Nanowski via Twitter

Well now that we have a Toronto Flood Mermaid, we're dying to find her Instagram page to check out how amazing her feed really is. We really want to see how this photo shoot turned out.

For now, we just have to give credit to the Mermaid girl for her quick wits and positive take on posing in rain and sewer water.