People In Toronto Lined Up Around The Block In The Cold For White Claw's Canadian Launch

It's booze time!
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White Claw Canada Launch Had People Lining Up Around The Block In Toronto

Would you line up in cold winter weather to be one of the first people in the country to buy a boozy seltzer here? Even if you wouldn't, there are definitely people who would. The White Claw Canadian launch had people lining up around the block at an LCBO in Toronto for a taste of the popular alcoholic drink.

Ahead of the nationwide release, White Claw had a special event at an LCBO store in Toronto on February 29 where people could be the first to officially buy a can here in Canada.

If the crazy lineup around the block at the Front and Spadina store is anything to go by, this hard seltzer is going to do just fine north of the border.

To commemorate the rollout, the first 100 people in line not only got the first crack at buying the drinks, but they were also gifted a White Claw swag bag.

Once the doors opened at 9:00 a.m., people went inside and stocked up on the alcoholic beverage. 

We're talking shopping carts with cases stacked almost as tall as the person pushing, and people with multiple cases perfectly balanced in their arms.

People must love their booze! Especially if they're willing to brave icy wind chills to buy some.

In the U.S., the alcoholic beverage is sold in black chery, ruby grapefruit, natural lime, raspberry, and mango flavours, along with an unflavoured one.

At the pre-sale in Toronto, eager shoppers were able to purchase the natural lime, mango, and black cherry flavours.

However, specific flavours and formats could change from province to province.

Even though the official launch date for the hard seltzer is March 1, the exact dates that cans will be available in stores across Canada may vary.

Still, the brand did confirm on Twitter that "White Claw will be available in all provinces."

This year the brand is introducing three new flavours in the U.S. — watermelon, lemon, and tangerine.

It's unclear though if the other flavours and these new ones will ever make their way north of the border.

White Claw has 100 calories, a 5% alcohol content, and is made from seltzer water, a gluten-free alcohol base, and fruit flavour.

It was also created by a Canadian!

Be sure to check with your local liquor store to see when exactly White Claw will be hitting shelves and what flavours you can get your hands on.

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