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The Google Searches About The Toronto Raptors Are So Hilariously Dumb

"There's no such thing as stupid questions" does not apply here.

With the Toronto Raptors in the NBA Finals, it goes without saying that the city and its team have reached a new level of global fame. Now that the Raptors have captured the world's attention, everyone seems to be asking Google the same question - who are the Raptors? Toronto's basketball team is getting all kinds of attention on the internet right now.

A quick Google search reveals that a lot of people have no idea how Canadian basketball works. Google's search suggestions never fail to expose people's dumb questions - and when it comes to the Raptors, there are tons of them. 

"Do the Raptors play in Canada?" is one of my personal favourites. Although "Do the Raptors need passports?" comes in at a close second. These questions are so clueless that they're actually a bit concerning.

Other questions are a bit more reasonable if you are completely unfamiliar with the team. For example, the answer to "Do the Raptors have their own plane?" is by no means common knowledge.  The answer, by the way, is that Delta Airlines is the official carrier of the Toronto Raptors. The team used a chartered service called Air Canada Jetz until 2016.

One question that really hit home was "Do the Toronto Raptors sell out?" HA! Do they ever!  Heartbroken Toronto fans who would give an arm and a leg to be at any of the Raptors' post-season games can attest to that. Tickets to Game 1 of the Finals in Toronto just broke records for being the most expensive in NBA history.

Or "Why do the Toronto Raptors' jerseys say North?"  Clearly, someone wasn't paying close attention in geography class. Get a map!

As ridiculous as these questions are, at least it means that Toronto is getting the exposure that it deserves.  And hopefully, that means that people who know nothing about Canada's only NBA team will finally learn a thing or two!