Let's be real, millennials are known for being pretty shitty.  We have been described as lazy, entitled, selfish, and extremely technology dependent.  Which for some of us is sadly 100% true, but there are so many millennials out there that are breaking these stereotypes, and those are the people we should be recognizing.

I've always been taught to respect my elders, and the older I get the more I start to understand this concept.  Although, why is it that we can't just respect everyone, despite their age?  The amount of times I have heard my peers being written off as uneducated and unappreciated just for being born during a certain time is pretty disgusting .

Soon after to the U.S. election, millennials finally got some (rare) positive feedback.  After the polls were released regarding which age group voted for which party it was clear that a vast majority of millennials have a democratic mind-set, which usually goes hand in hand with having an open mind and exudes a large level of acceptance.  I'm not turning this article into a pro-Hilary discussion, but I'm just trying to point out that for the first time our generation was recognized as a positive demographic for one of the first times, and this needs to continue. Some even recognized our actions/choices regarding the election as "hope for the future".

The main thing that I feel needs to be addressed is our "laziness".  Maybe this stems from the fact that we complete a vast majority of our daily tasks with the help of technology, a luxury past generations were not accustomed to. I have no reservations about this, I'll be the first to admit that our generation (myself included) is extremely technology dependent.  And I can totally see how this might make us seem lazy.  Past Generations had to do a lot more than just type something into google or watch a youtube tutorial to solve a problem at hand.  So yes, obviously we don't have to work as hard to achieve what they did many years ago, but we are also the first generation with these means to a need. Technology has allowed us to create numerous new industries, that are mainly ran by millennials.

But realistically as times change so does technology.  As millennials, we are adapting to what is available to us, just as our past generations did, and it would be pretty ridiculous if we didn't take advantage of things that make our lives more efficient. And if embracing technology and using what is available to us is considered lazy, then I guess that's fine.

Many people also argue that our generation is extremely entitled, which again is probably true for a lot of us. But writing somebody off as "entitled" because of their age is pretty ridiculous.  People are entitled based on their personality make up, not how old they are.

So maybe the word Millennial has some negative connotations but in all honesty, its looking more like we are an opened minded and creative generation that's ready for change, and that seems pretty refreshing. Just remember the term Millennial is not an adjective, nor a negative word to be associated with.

In short, respect everyone and don't be an asshole. 

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